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Today the time has finally come many of our Crew to share their experiences with Institute for Excellence in Writing.  IEW offers many products for homeschoolers.  Our reviewers received one of two writing packages last fall:

Package One: Teaching Writing/Student Writing Intensive Combo Pack plus a Portable Wall

The backbone of the IEW program is the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style DVD Seminar plus Workbook for parents and teachers.  On the first six discs of this set is a 2-day writing seminar.  The parent begins watching the seminar while using the accompanying workbook, and can begin teaching and applying the lessons immediately.  They do not need to watch all 6 discs to begin.  By the end of the TWSS course a parent is equipped to apply IEW’s methods to create a writing program that fits their own unique family’s interests.  There are also 3 discs in this set showing you how to teach using the IEW principles with real, live students.  Each disc shows a student workshop at one of three grade levels.  The last disc in the set is called Tips and Tricks and gives the parent even more ways to be a better writing teacher.  

The Student Writing Intensive is a DVD course for students that can last 15-30 weeks, depending on the student.  This makes a family’s introduction to IEW even smoother as the main teaching is done by Andrew Pudewa himself on DVD.  Teacher notes, student handouts, and more are included to make this the easiest writing class you’ll ever prepare.  Student Writing Intensive comes in three different levels:

Level A – Choose this level for students in 3rd-5th grade or younger.

Level B – This level is for teaching 6th-8th graders OR is a great level to use when you are teaching children in more than one age range.

Level C – High school students and adults use this level.

The Portable Wall saves wall space by having writing models and information on a tri-fold pocket folder for the student to use. 

Package Two: Student Writing Intensive plus Structure and  Style Overview and Portable Wall

This package differs in that the TWSS course for the teacher is not included.  Instead it contains the
Structure and Style Overview DVD with handouts.  What’s the difference?  The Overview disc condenses the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course into a 2 hour 20 minute journey through all nine units in the IEW syllabus.  It is more of an overview and if the parent intends to use the Student Writing Intensive DVD lessons only it will give them a background in the method.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing website is a wealth of information and has many samples and short videos to acquaint you with their methods and products, so be sure to look around.  They offer many other products for reading, writing, spelling, and more.  

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