Teaching Writing: Structure and Style with Student Writing Intensive Review

This article is in collaboration with Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).

IEWInstitute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is committed to helping you teach your child to

“…to write well, think clearly, and express themselves eloquently and persuasively.

By creating their award-winning curriculum with the flexibility to customize your package to your specific student’s needs, you will have all the tools you need for both special needs learners and eager writers.

Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were offered combination packages for either  “special” learners or “regular” learners.   IEW is committed to helping ALL children reach their fullest potential and become excellent communicators.

Special Learner Packages Include:

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, Second Edition (TWSS) 

  • A 12 DVD  set, with over 14 hours of viewing time, that systematically teaches the nine elements of structure and style of the IEW programs. Newly updated and revised.
  • TWSS Seminar and Practicum Workbook – a syllabus and outline of the course with charts, word lists, sample lessons and more.
  • Premium Content subscription – A 12 month online subscription that allows you to stream all the content of TWSS, access to monthly training seminars, audio MP3’s of popular talks by Andrew Pudewa, and many useful PDF downloads.

PLUS your choice of Student Writing Intensive Level (SWI) Levels A (3rd to 5th grades)  or B (6th – 8th grades).  Each level contains 5 DVDs of instruction, and the Student Notebook with handouts in a binder. Lesson suggestions for the teacher are included as well.

For Younger students that can read, but are not ready for the SWI-level A:

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style to be used with Bible Heroes Student Book and Bible Heroes Teacher Book

  • Get to know the heroes of the Bible while working through six of IEW’s nine units. The Teacher Guide provides all the help necessary. Includes; discussion starter ideas, sample key word outlines, sample brainstorming ideas, and thorough instructions for the games and activities.


Primary Arts of Language Writing CompleteFor struggling reader/writers below grade 2:

Primary Arts of Language: Reading Complete Package and Primary Arts of Language: Writing Complete Package

  • Primary Arts of Language: Reading Complete Package is a “blended sound-sight approach” to teach your child to read.  Using games, activities and stickers, reading becomes fun.  The Teacher Guide provides clear explanations and directions.
  •  Use concurrently with Primary Arts of Language: Writing Complete Package that includes everything you need to teach your young child to write, from printing practice and sentences to early grammar, story sequence analysis, and writing paragraphs.

Deluxe Combo A Fix 1 and 2

Deluxe Combinations for Regular Learners Include:

Fully customizable, discounted Deluxe Combinations give you everything you need to successfully teach your children to communicate well. 

Each combination package includes:

  •  Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, Second Edition (TWSS) 
  • Student Writing Intensive Level (SWI) of your choice A (3rd-5th grades)  B (6th-8th grades) or C (9th-12th grades) 


  • A Word Write Now – a thematic thesaurus to help your students spice up their writing. Organized by behavior, character traits and parts of speech, this is a very user friendly writing tool.
  •  Portable Walls  are a single-pocket folder with an extra page that create a tri-fold wall packed with all the Unit Models, several word lists and more. It is a personal writing station at their desk.
  • Fix it!  Grammar Two Teacher Guides with downloadable Student books, customized to your student’s level. Fix it! offers 6 levels – utilize IEW’s placement test to help you find the right level for your student. Students will hunt for errors in daily passages and correct them. It’s the perfect way to put grammar skills to work and reinforce these skills into their own writing.

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Instiutute for Excellence in Writing Reviews A big thank you to RENITA BENTZ of MOM OF MANY for writing this introductory post.

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