Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

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Field trips are a favorite part of homeschooling. Homeschoolers have the freedom and flexibility to take field trips at times when traditional schools can’t. So many homeschool families enjoy different and exciting trips.

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Apologia Educational Ministries, known for their science and apologetics curricula, has a brand new tool for planning for and journaling about your family field trips. The Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal has information to help you plan your family trips as well as areas to record information about your trip. It’s a resource that can be used whether you are planning a trip for a group or just for your own family.

field trip journalThe Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal is a spiral bound, 8 1/2″ x 11″ notebook. There are sixty-four pages divided into a variety of categories. At the beginning of each category is an explanation of how to use that section.

The journal has a variety of features that can help you with the planning of your trip.

  • Preparing for a Field Trip pages that provide a checklist for the week before a trip, the night before the trip, on the way, and at the site for both students and teachers
  • Fun field trip suggestions for a variety of subjects and interests
  • Overview pages to record a listing of field trips and the dates they occurred
  • Specific Trip pages that allow you to record information such as where you went, the time of your trip, book resources that prepare for the trip, and favorite moments of the trip
  • Special Spot pages that allow children to choose a favorite wildlife spot and draw and document its changes throughout the seasons
  • As I See It pages that provide space for children to draw favorite things
The Specific Trip pages are the meat of the book. On these pages, students can record information about preparing for the trip as well as memories of the trip. There is a place to draw or put a picture of a map of the area. There is a place for emergency contact information. Children can record things they are hoping to see or do on the trip. There is a place to record books about the trip that you’ve read to prepare. Children can add a photo or drawing to the page. Then there are journaling sections to record the story of the day and favorite moments to remember.
Apologia Educational Ministries has created a valuable resource for recording and remembering the field trip moments that your family shares. It’s a scrapbook like book that you can use and look back on to recall favorite trips and experiences.
You can find more information and connect with Apologia through their website and on social media.

Apologia Field Trip Journal Review

A big thank you to Leah @ As We Walk Along the Road for writing this introductory post.

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