Homeschooling Through the Holidays/Year-Round Homeschooling

Homeschooling schedules are often the topic of conversation at homeschool gatherings.  Part of the conversations centre around homeschooling through and around the holidays. I’ve come to realise that the answer of whether or not to home educate and how to educate through the holidays is as varied as the families who home educate.

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  • Top Tips to Homeschool During the Holidays Even with our regular term ending before the Christmas holiday, those weeks after Thanksgiving need help to make it through the busy days. We survive the packed calendar with a few tweaks to our regular routine. Minimize our daily work, follow interests, make memories, and most importantly, focus on the season.

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  • A Cozy Book Filled December Our plans to use lots of Christmas books to make memories, relax, and learn through the Christmas season.
  • Homeschooling in December We love to change things up in December and focus our schooling on Christmas. This is a collection of fun freebies and other resources that help us turn school into a Christmas celebration.
  • Our Twelve Christmas Adventures tired of gifts that quickly become clutter? This is the story of how we gave family memories throughout the year instead of clutter for Christmas.
  • A Month of Thanksgiving and Praise! It isn’t too late to add some fun traditions and learning to your Thanksgiving traditions. We love to spend the month focused on thankfulness.

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