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This article is in collaboration with Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Your homeschool planning just got easier! Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has a planner that makes it easy to put all of your daily schedules and lesson planning in one place. Even use it on the go.

The Review Crew has been reviewing a one-year subscription to Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Some of the reviewers have chosen a lesson plan from the Lesson Plan Marketplace to link to their Homeschool Planet planning schedule.

Homechool Planet
Some of the lesson plans available are from popular curriculum providers such as:

  • Horizons
  • IEW
  • LifePac
  • Worldly Wise
  • Veritas
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Mystery of History
  • Saxon
  • Math Mammoth
  • Alpha and Omega

And many more.

Homeschool Planet is an online all-in-one planner that allows you to not only create schedules of classes, extracurricular activities or appointments for your family, but it also has a bunch of extras to discover as well as several new lesson plans designed especially to link up with your schedule planning on Homeschool Planet.

Homeschool Planet
The planner allows you to choose various formats, day, week, month. It also has the ability to:

  • View in planner mode
  • View in calendar mode
  • View each individual child’s schedule
  • View as a family
  • Print schedules
  • Send lists and reminders to you and your children’s emails
  • Instantly see the weather
  • Find recipes and plan meals
  • Create and send shopping lists to your phone/email or print for individual stores you frequent
  • Create and print transcripts
  • Color code (yay!)
  • The ability to create an easy-access icon and access directly from mobile devices

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A big thank you to Tere Scott of Puddle Jumping for writing this introductory post.

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