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Homeschooling high school and preparing a transcript can be daunting. Every state has different standards and laws that need to be followed. The one outcome that all homeschoolers want for their children, success. Most homeschoolers make their way to college. Applying for college creates a new set of challenges.  The HomeScholar LLC has created a program to help every homeschool family succeed in their path to graduation.

The HomeScholar LLC was created by Matt and Lee Binz, who have become experts in homeschooling through high school. As homeschool consultants who also homeschooled their own children, they have worked for over 15 years helping other families have the confidence to continue through those high school years and enter into college.

Lee Binz likes to emphasize her core beliefs in homeschooling:

  1. Homeschooling independently provides the best possible learning environment
  2. Every child deserves a college-prep education, whether or not they choose college.
  3. Parents are capable of providing a superior education for their children.

The Homescholar LLC has created a variety of products that make it easy for parents to create high school transcripts that any college would love to see.

Total Transcript Solution

Total Transcript Solution is a quick way to get a high school transcript done for students without purchasing expensive software.

 You will get:

  • Video training to help you fill out the transcript, list classes, assign grades and credits, and even figure GPA
  • Flexibility to use the transcript software with all your children for the same price.
  • You even can get professional feedback on the transcript you created from Lee Binz. The cost includes a 20-minute phone or email consultation with Lee Binz.
  • Ten different transcript styles in Word, Excel, or Pages, including the NCAA format that is used to help earn scholarships.
  • Extra bonus books on Get A Handle on the SAT, and even favorite homeschooling resources.

Comprehensive Record Solution

The Comprehensive Record Solution will help you to create a winning set of homeschool records that helps to win scholarships and admissions to colleges that your student is wanting to attend.

This program is meant to provide parents encouragement in how to create a more detailed portfolio of what their student has accomplished during their high school career. These detailed records provide a real look for colleges into your student’s education and their hard work.

Comprehensive Record Solution follows some basic steps that Encourage parents, Equip parents, Educate parents, and Empower parents. This is done through video training and even three ebooks to set you up for success.

High School Solution

Planning a high school path for your homeschool child is daunting. The High School Solution program allows parents to develop this plan with confidence. Lee provides ideas that are well tested and proven to work for students. 

There are over 50 hours of how-to-homeschool training, online tools, and templates for every age and stage of high school. You do get lifetime access to refer to as you continue to homeschool through the years. Included in these videos is information on how to plan for the SAT, ACT, and other college entrance exams, as well as how to homeschool gifted students.

College Launch Solution

This is an affordable solution to hiring a College Admissions Counselor.  Instead of spending thousands, Lee Binz is here to help. There is help in knowing how to find the right college and completing their application process.

College Launch Solution will help you from advancing blindly and feeling confused as you go through the process of planning out for a specific college path and solution. There are over 67 hours of training to help you prep for scholarship paperwork and work through the application process. Like so many other products from The HomeScholar LLC, you do not need to purchase this program for each child, you get lifelong access.

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