Master Math Facts with Math Essentials Speed Drills

If you happen to struggle with math facts or have students who do, it is so refreshing to find math drills that are simple and effective. The materials from Math Essentials teach the math that our kids NEED to know. 

Meet Rick Fisher who has a real passion for math. A math instructor for over 31 years, he has devoted his time to teaching and developing unique award-winning math materials. He is a winner of the prestigious “Intel Innovations in Teaching Award” as well as the Glenn W. Hoffmann Exemplary Awards Program for all of Silicon Valley in California. Math Essentials is a highly functional, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand mathematics teaching system that produces amazing results–using his books, DVDs, and a world-class online instructional program,

Through the use of his materials so many students have improved several grade levels in their math abilities in only one school year. All of his math learning materials can be used successfully with students who are struggling with math or have limited English skills.

Each lesson is designed to make math fun and exciting with short, concise lessons. Consistent review is built into lessons so students are able to master and reinforce their math skills as they progress. Students are able to see their progress which can help to increase their confidence and self-esteem which leads to greater success which builds on itself of course.

Here are just a few of the program highlights: 

  • Short, concise, non-intimidating, self-contained lessons
  •  “Helpful Hints” to help parents and students understand each new topic
  • Each lesson is self-contained and easy to understand-no fluff or distractions
  • Daily number fact speed drills
  • Consistent review built into every lesson
  • Chapter tests and final exams
  • Preparation for all of areas math curriculum needed in future studies

Since it all begins with knowing your math facts, they have the Math Essentials Speed Wheel Drills available for: 

  • Addition
  • Multiplication
  • Division

Get comfortable; grab your pencils and have fun as you try to beat your time on each wheel. Every page has approximately twelve wheels on them so you can get plenty of practice on your math facts each day. Each wheel also has a section where you can fill in the number you got correct and your time. What a fabulous way to track your progress! These are perfect for students who need to master or improve upon their math facts; they are also perfect to use for keeping up on math fact mastery in the summer. Want to make it extra fun? Set a timer and see how many can be done before you hear the ding!

All three of these books offer a great and proven way for every age and stage of math learners to develop confidence and mastery!. These workbooks are copyrighted and thus cannot be photocopied. Since instant recall of math facts makes all math so much easier that is the goal of the speed wheel drills and with 1,440 of them learning is so much more fun! 

As an added bonus these also include 21 Best Math Tips for All Students and access to a convenient Math Resource Center. 

 This is definitely a simple way to master those math facts for every age and stage!

Thank you
to Jennifer King of A Peace of Mind for writing this introductory article.


Jennifer has been home educating her four children, from age 6 to age 15, since 2009 with a passion for freedom in learning. Residing in Wisconsin she works with local families to provide support and encouragement in their journey. There is nothing more powerful than when we learn and live together, growing closer to our Lord, and to one another—these are times too precious to step away from. Life is full of so many amazing opportunities and she is eager to share her experiences so others will know too that it will be well.

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