Home School in the Woods Collections – Lap-pak, Timeline Figures, History Studies & Activity-Pak Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Home School in the Woods.

Home School in the Woods is one of my favourite companies. They produce stellar unit studies, lap books, Time Traveler series and much more. You really need to check them out.

You will find that creating hands-on materials for studying history is THE thing that Home School in the Woods excels at. From producing the elements you need for making a timeline, to creating games and interesting projects that bring history alive to students.

Home School in the Woods has stated that

“All of our products are family-friendly, flexible to integrate into a school plan, geared towards multiple students, and reproducible within a family. They are also not necessarily meant to be done cover to cover – although they do stand alone – they can be used as a supplement as well.”

This year for Home School in the Woods we are reviewing the following products:


Take one file folder, add interesting elements, and learn history.

Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures (grades K -12)

Make a notebook, lapbook, timeline, history book. These timeline figures can be used however you wish. They come in a variety of sizes for your ease of use.

Project Passport World History Studies (grades 3-8)

25 passport stops where you can examine history, a luggage folder, a passport and 50 projects to choose from. Create a scrapbook of sights, create souvenirs, make a lapbook, and listen to historical recordings.

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • The Middle Ages
  • Renaissance & Reformation
  • The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression

Time Travelers U.S. History Studies (grades 3- 8 )

This series takes you through a period in history. Make a timeline and create project pages. Hands-on history to cement the reading you do.

  • New World Explorers
  • Colonial Life
  • The American Revolution
  • The Early 19th Century
  • The Civil War
  • The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression
  • World War II

Activity Paks

These paks help you create a lapbook as well as complete various activity as you discover art, composers, USA states and more.


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