A Homeschool Mother’s Helping Hand Review

This article is in collaboration with HelpTeaching.com.

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, we all have those moments when a helping hand would be appreciated. Creating, printing, and administering quizzes, tests, and drills can take precious time from a busy homeschooler’s life, and this is where the services of HelpTeaching.com can come in handy!

Through their Pro Plan, members will get unlimited access to easy-to-use resources for all ages of elementary, junior high, and high school students. Members can also use the available tools to create their own custom worksheets, assessments, and practice activities for an even more customized teaching solution.

Need some polishing up on a particular study area? Students will find a wide variety of lessons for middle and high school needs. Areas covered include language arts, math, and science and come from reputable sources to help engage and cultivate knowledge.  Pro Plan members have access to all the videos and illustrations, as well as subject matter assessments and quizzes to check for understanding after the lessons are completed.

All of the material can be accessed at any time, homeschooling teachers can pick the exact subject and concept they want to cover; pre-made materials are grouped by grade, subject, common core, and topic to help teachers find exactly what they are looking for.  Up to 500 student profiles can be saved to the plan, giving homeschoolers an excellent method of tracking where each child is at in their learning. Many of the materials are also Common Core compliant, making it easy for families in Common Core states to be on track with their learning.

Whether you’re in need of pre-made worksheets, quizzes, or tests — or simply want a way to create your own professional-looking materials — HelpTeaching.com will have a homeschool solution that suits your classroom needs.

Connect with HelpTeaching through their website and social media (and get ideas for how to use it with your children) on:

A big thank you to Linsey Knerl of Lille Punkin’ for writing this introductory article.


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