Lapbooking and Notebooking (Hands of a Child Review)


In the homeschooling community, In the Hands of a Child has become a name synonymous with high quality lapbooking and notebooking products together with reasonable prices.  The company began as the dream child of Kimm Bellotto and Niki McNeil in 2002.  Faced with the dilemma of answering the question “What exactly is a lapbook?,” Kimm and Niki began pulling together resources and using their imaginations and a business plan was born!  Now, 11 years later, what began with one lapbook has become a huge line of lapbook and notebook products for kids of all ages.

When visiting the In the Hands of a Child website, one finds 13 broad categories of lapbook and notebook products covering a myriad of topics from preschool, to Science, to Economics, and everything in between.

Lapbook products come complete with a study guide, the templates needed for the mini-books for the lapbook, an answer key, and instructions for how to use / put together the lapbook.  Notebooking materials are more than just notebooking.

Their notebooking products are called ‘Note Packs.’  Why? “Our Note Packs allow your students to enjoy the same Research Guide and activities found in our Lapbook units, but without all of the cutting and pasting! As your students complete each Note Pack page they simply 3-hole punch it and add to any binder.  Our Note Packs provide your students with fun and appealing pages that are filled with interesting and educational graphics.” While lapbooks appeal more to the younger (preschool – elementary) student, the Note Packs generally appeal to the older (middle school – high school) student.

Our wonderful crew members have been using many of the lapbooks and Note Packs from In the Hands of a Child.


Elementary Grades —

Pond Life (K-2nd)

Under a Microscope (K-3rd)

Exploring Landforms (K-3rd) Also available with Type It In

Ships and Submarines (K-3rd)

Kitchen Science (K-3rd)

Doctors and Nurses (K-3rd)

A Trip to the Library (K-3rd)

Let’s Measure It (K-3rd)

Dolphins, Porpoises, and Whales (K-4th)

Strega Nona (1st-3rd)

Freedom & Equality: Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks (2nd-4th)

Words, Words, Words: Using a Dictionary &Thesaurus (2nd-5th) 



Middle Grades —

National Parks (4th-8th) Also Available as a Note Pack

Natural Wonders (4th-8th) Also Available with Type It In

The Great Lakes (4th-8th) Also Available with Type It In

Law and Government (4th-8th) Also Available as a Note Pack

Introduction to Geometry (4th-8th) Also Available as a Note Pack

It’s All Matter (5th-8th) Also Available as a Note Pack

The Metric System (5th-9th) Also Available with Type It In


Older Grades —

Honing Your Study Skills (5th-10th) Also Available as a Note Pack

Attack on Pearl Harbor (5th-10th) Also Available with Type It In, or as a Note Pack

Honing Your Scientific Skills (6th-10th)

They Changed the Face of Medicine (6th-10th)

How to Write a Research Paper (6th-10th)

America’s Civil Rights Movement 1954-1968 (7th-12th)

Edgar Allen Poe (7th-12th)  Also Available as a Note Pack

Battle of the Alamo (7th-12th)  Also Available as a Note Pack

World Governments (8th-12th)  Also Available as a Note Pack

Pricing information on these units varies, as In the Hands of a Child has specials offered regularly and has membership options available.  Check out their website and the crew reviews for specific pricing and purchasing options.

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A big thank you to Sarah Dugger of Ahoy Maties! for writing this introductory post.

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