Handling Life’s Stress

We live in a world filled with challenges, don’t we? From how to get along with our neighbours, to how to help our children learn best. All these challenges create inner turmoil. This turmoil can force us to be more productive, but can also create anxiety and stress within. Handling life’s stress is an important skill to teach our children.

If we don’t teach our children how to cope with stress and tension we do them a disservice, as dealing with stress can cause some significant health issues. Let’s talk about what can we do on the days when we feel broken within?

Handling Life's Stress @ HomeschoolReviewCrew.com

Why reduce your stress levels?

Did you know that people who live with stress in their lives find that it affects their physical and mental outlooks? Stress can do weird things to a body and can lead to anxiety and depression.

You might find yourself feeling exhausted all the time even if you sleep well. Conversely, you might find yourself not having trouble sleeping.

Digestive issues, skin problems, headaches, and dizziness are common symptoms. And you’ll find yourself more likely to get sick (who wants that!).  🙂

People who live with stress tend to be more irritable and short-tempered, and more prone to dealing with high blood pressure. Panic attacks can occur when least expected. The muscle tension experienced can stress joints. This general feeling of malaise can lead to over-eating, too much drinking, smoking, or using drugs. Simply because we want relief.

So find relief . . . just do it in a healthy manner!  🙂

What can we do?

There are a number of things we can do to maintain peace in our lives.

 If we are believers we can spend time in prayer, reflection, reading the scriptures, pondering the things of God, and seeking after his goodness in all things.

Regardless of our faith affiliation, we can all find ways to reduce the stress in our lives.

  • Go for a walk
  • Read a book
  • Listen to a book! Sometimes listening to a book keeps us from thinking about difficult subjects too much and gives us a needed break.
Handling Life's Stress @ HomeschoolReviewCrew.com
  • Take a soak in a tub
  • Call a friend
  • Write in a journal: letting out your thoughts means they won’t fester inside.
  • Hide
  • Spend time with your animals—pet a cat, snuggle your bunny, train your dog, hand-feed a bird, slither with your snake, laugh at your gecko’s antics. Spending time with animals lowers your stress levels and helps you calm yourself so they will also be calm.
  • Drink your favourite beverage—bouillon, fancy coffee, good tea, plain water, whatever your gig is. Perhaps avoid drinks that will lower your inhibitions if you are still upset. 
  • Take a step back and look for the good.
  • Take a step back and look for the need, ask if you can help with that need, if not, let it go.
  • Change your perspective
  • Do something, anything different,
  • Set your mind on something else
  • Do some physical labour
  • Get out in the sun . . . seriously, the sun’s rays are GOOD for you.
Handling Life's Stress @ HomeschoolReviewCrew.com
  • Avoid people or situations that create stress
  • Play music that settles your spirits.

Thank you to Annette @ A Net in Time for writing this Crew Article.

Let’s Encourage Each Other!

How do you decompress from the stresses of life?
We’d love to hear your ideas! Please share in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Handling Life’s Stress”

  1. Thank you, Annette!
    My favorite suggestion you listed: Hide! 🙂
    Thank you also for “Do something different” and “Change your perspective”

  2. I heard someone play the harp recently, and I think I could have listened to it all day! Very peaceful!


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