Great Fall Activities

I love how the fall brings a change of colours in nature. There are so many great things to do in the fall that just aren’t the same any other time. We are in Canada here, so when winter hits, we hibernate a little. Therefore, once fall hits, we try to do as many fun outdoor.

This time of year is great for fun outdoorsy stuff. The weather isn’t too hot or cold, so it’s perfect for the kids to run around. We love decorating our place with pumpkins but we can’t just get them at the store. We have to visit a local farm and go pumpkin picking. Each person gets to choose their own pumpkin. We litter the front of our house with them and carve them a week before Halloween.

You can also enjoy hay rides, animals and corn mazes at the farm as well. They may even be able to set up a tour and have them go through the farming process with children from your homeschool group as well. It’s a great family activity and don’t forget to bring your camera, I love taking fall pictures outdoors. It’s so beautiful.

We also love to go apple picking. It’s great exercise and fun for the kids as well. Who doesn’t love climbing trees? And then when you are done, you have a load full of apples to make yummy treats with.

To us fall means lots of baking, something I don’t like to do in the summer when the weather is sweltering outside. It heats up your home and smells amazingly. We make all kinds of pies and muffins, cookies are great too. I like to try new recipes before we to the holidays, kind of a practice run.

The best thing to do in the fall are field trips. All the public school children are back in school so you don’t have long line ups and you really get to enjoy the museum, the zoo or wherever else you wish to visit.

Fall means the holiday season will soon be upon us, it’s so easy to study topics based on fall. You can study about apples, pumpkins, the seasons, weather, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. You can also go on nature walks or hiking to observe the change of season, collect leaves and make wonderful crafts with them.

We spend a lot of time outdoors because we know how long our Canadian winters are, I’m thankful that I’m able to enjoy these things with my children since they are home with me.

Patience loves green tea, chocolate, baking but not cooking, and science. She is a mother to 2 boys and a baby girl. She accidentally stumbled into homeschooling and hasn’t looked back since. She loves lapbooking and notebooking with her children.

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