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News * Knowledge * Wisdom

bestbooknovelmagazineCritical thinking, with a Biblical foundation. This is the hallmark of God’s World News. God’s World News provides practice for critical thinking using real-world events.  God’s World News delivers current news on economics, science, religion, history, media at a level appropriate for Pre-Kindergarten through High School.

Each issue of God’s World News is packed with age-appropriate stories, activities, puzzles and full color pictures. Starting in News Current, the 5th-6th grade level, vocabulary practice and comprehension quizzes are included.

From Pre-K through Middle School a MAP- IT! world wall map is included in the September issue. In each magazine, articles will include a locator map that corresponds with the wall map to teach kids where in the world the news is happening.

Full-year subscriptions include 10 monthly issues (every month except December and May).

School-year subscriptions include 7 monthly issues (September-April)

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God’s Big World – Pre-K –Kindergarten

God’s Big World is written for students from Pre-K to Kindergarten. Using colorful presentations God’s Big World presents age appropriate stories, read-to-me text, simple concepts and big pictures. Skill builder activities include alphabet, number and sequencing.

Early Edition – 1st-2nd Grade

Early Edition is written for students in 1st and 2nd grades. Early readers are introduced to the concept that God is in control throughout the world. Large text and lots of pictures appeal to beginning readers. Students build alphabet, number and sequencing skills through creative puzzles.

News Flash – 3rd-4th Grade

News Flash is for students in the 3rd and 4th grades. Stories teach students the truth that God is merciful and sovereign in the world. Lessons use news stories to teach Civics, Geography, Economics and more. Creative puzzles help build alphabet, number, and sequencing skills. News Flash includes web content to expand the learning experience.

News Current – 5th and 6th Grade

News Current is written for students in 5th and 6th grade. News Current strives to help students understand and begin to apply a biblical worldview. Editorials help with critical thinking skills. . Lessons within the magazine use news stories as a springboard to teach concepts from Civics, Geography, Economics and more. Vocabulary words are taught in context. News Graphics explain complex ideas. Quizzes test reading comprehension. Web content expands the learning experience.

Top Story – Middle School

Top Story is for students in Middle School to help teach them a biblical worldview. Top Story features editorials to help with critical thinking. Lessons use news stories to teach Civics, Geography, Economics and more. Vocabulary is taught in context throughout the articles. Quizzes test reading comprehension and web content expands the learning experience.

Trak– High School

Trak is the high school level designed to sharpen students biblical worldview.  Trak is written with a distinctive style and voice to appeal to young adults. This is intended as a bridge to World magazine. Students are encouraged to write to the editor in response to articles and news stories.  Features include editorials, economics, technology and safe coverage of cultural events and personalities.

. A big thank you to Jill of ClarkClan Craziness for writing this introductory article.

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