Creation to the Birth of Jesus Review

This article is in collaboration with GrapeVine Studies.

Draw with me through the Bible as we learn about it, won’t you?

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to learn the stories of the Bible AND to retain it?

Introducing to you today, GrapeVine Studies.

GrapeVine Studies is a leading Bible curriculum company, they create curriculum to help children draw what they are learning about the stories of the Bible. Each age level has more expected of them, from the littlest ones listening and then drawing, to the older ones using Bible dictionaries, learning bible geography and reviewing what they learn.

Stick figuring your way through the Bible.  GrapeVine Studies gives children an overview of the bible section that you will studying with your children. Then it breaks down each section into drawable stories.. giving suggestions on how to draw the story in the easiest way.

The teacher manual corresponds exactly with the students workbooks making it very easy to use.

Each level increases the resources children are taught to use from Bible dictionaries, maps, scripture memorization, and various Bible study tools.   It’s a nice graduation from tracing, to drawing your own, to drawing more and using additional resources to deepen understanding.

The Crew had the delight in reviewing the following materials.

GrapeVine The Birth of Jesus

Birth of Jesus: Beginner This level is great for 5-7 year old’s

Birth of Jesus: Multi-Level

This level is great for those children 7 and up. The traceable version is wonderful for 3-5 year old’s who might need a tad more help. 🙂

Birth of Jesus: Beginner (ages 5-7)

Birth of Jesus: Beginner (ages 5-7) and Traceable for Beginner (ages 3-6)

Birth of Jesus: Multi-Level (Ages 7+)

Birth of Jesus: Multi-Level (Ages 7+) and Traceable for Multi-Level (ages 3-6)

GrapeVine Studies Creation to Jacob

Old Testament 1: Level 1 Creation to Jacob Again the traceable works well for 3-6 year old’s, with children aged 5-7 working well with the regular beginner version.

Old Testament 1: Level 2 Creation to Jacob Meant for students 8-10

Old Testament 1: Level 3 Creation to Jacob This level works well for 10-12 year old’s.

Old Testament 1: Level 4 Creation to Jacob  This level is suited for students 12 years old and up.



Our thanks go to Annette for writing this introductory post.   She can be found blogging at A Net In Time.

GrapeVine Studies Stick Figure Through The Bible Review

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