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My absolute worst subject in school was Chemistry!  I hated it.  Looking back, I realize it may have more to do with the fact that my teacher taught directly from the book without a lot of hands-on instruction. But, whatever the case, I didn’t enjoy Chemistry and I got a bad grade in it (that was a tough pill to swallow for a perfectionistic student used to breezing through most other subjects).

Twenty years later and I’m a homeschool mom thinking about next year when my daughter should probably take Chemistry. And, I’m dreading it…..

So, I was just thrilled to hear that there is a vendor “on board” with the Homeschool Crew called Friendly Chemistry.  To me, those two words don’t belong together – they’re an oxymoron.  Can teaching AND learning Chemistry actually be a “friendly” experience? I don’t know!  But, I’m sure going to find out – along with several other members of the Homeschool Crew who also have high school aged children.


7 thoughts on “Friendly Chemistry”

  1. This has got to be the best chemistry program I've seen. Makes chemistry seem so easy and fun…who would have thought? This would certainly be the best program ever for a coop too!

  2. I'm looking at this course for our high school daughter. After using it, would you recommend it to others? Do you feel the games are worthwhile? Would it be useful to younger siblings as well? It sure sounds better than the dry-as-a-bone course we used with our oldest 🙂

  3. I'm not a fan of self-published product, especially when it has a lot of spelling and grammar booboos, ut this one is a rare exception.

    First, the few errors it has do not affect the content (other than being a distraction) and second, many people have a hard time teaching this subject. Friendly Chemistry makes teaching chemistry fun and, yeah, friendly!

  4. We liked Friendly Chemistry and will definitely return to it once our daughter is older and more prepared for a chemistry course.

    April E.


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