Mother, Should I Trust the Government? Review

This article is in collaboration with FreedomProject Education.

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FreedomProject Education is an accredited classical academy with a philosophy firmly based on Judeo-Christian values as presented in the United States Constitution.  Common Core-free classes are provided in a live, interactive online setting for students in grades K through 12.  In addition to their commitment to presenting classes free of the CCSS, Freedom Project Education is on the front lines of educating families about and opposing the implementation of the Common Core.

Crew members were given the opportunity to participate in FPE’s online course  Mother, Should I Trust the Government?  This course was recommended for students ages 13 and up (approximately grades 8-12).  Families received a physical copy of Mother, Should I Trust the Government? by Jake Jacobs, PhD, and access to an 8 week online lecture series presented by the author.

Mother coverMother, Should I Trust the Government?  explores the history of the American government. Dr. Jacobs challenges students to consider the establishment of our nation through our Founding Fathers’ world views, and how understanding their perspective and intent is crucial for interpreting both the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Articles of Confederation, and further Constitutional Amendments.  He also prepares students to be active citizens, stating, “Unlike anarchists, America’s Founders realistically concluded that
since men were not angels, government comprised of men must be: LIMITED,
checked, balanced, separated; a federal republic and watched like a
hawk forever.”

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Freedom Project Education ReviewA big thank you to Meg of Adventures with Jude for writing this introductory post.

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