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digital_science_online_thank_you_clean copyThis article is in collaboration with Visual Learning Systems.

Digital Science Online is a multisensory online science program by Visual Learning Systems.  They offer two programs, Elementary Edition for grades K-5th and Secondary Edition for grades 6 – 12th.  These digital programs are available with an annual subscription.

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Digital Science Online consists of educational videos on a wide variety of science-related topics.  Each video also includes clips, animations, images, assessments, student activities, and teacher’s guides.  The student activities consist of quizzes, tests (pretest and posttest), writing activities, hands-on experiments, or other application and vocabulary exercises.  Activities vary by subject matter and grade level.  A wide variety of science topics are covered life, physical, earth, health, biology, and more.

Don’t let the company name full you; Visual Learning Systems encompasses audio/visual with hands-on activities, visual, auditory, and tactile learners are all benefited.  Knowledge gained by watching videos is reinforced in follow-up activities.  You can pick and choose activities based on the age and interest level of your child.  Closed captioning is available for hearing impaired individuals, or to just add another element of sensory learning.

Videos and teaching materials are all accessible via the internet from any web browser. You can access it from your PC, Mac, or any tablet (including iPad) with internet capabilities.  You are able to access your account from any computer or device, anywhere.

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