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 Fascinating Education

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Fascinating Education is a unique company offering online science curricula for Middle and High School students.  Currently, the course offerings are Fascinating Chemistry, Fascinating Biology, and Fascinating Physics.  For students who struggle with science, the video-based learning approach is very effective.  These courses provide parents a user-friendly method of engaging their student in science.  The courses promote right brain learning by using a unique audio-visual style and tried and true step-by-step lessons.  The lessons are broken down into thin slices so that even the novice science student can understand the concepts presented.

Our Schoolhouse Review Crew has been using and reviewing all three of the course offerings. The Biology course covers topics ranging from “What is Life?,”  “Take in Nutrients,” “Take in Energy,” and much, much more.  The Chemistry course includes topics such as intramolecular bonding, covalent bonding, atoms and molecules, etc.  The Physics course delves into force and motion among many other fun topics.

Fascinating Education Courses

Each course is presented on-screen in a table format with buttons below the picture for each lesson so that students can just click through on the lesson they need to work on.  Lesson transcripts may be printed if needed.  Tests that correlate with each lesson are administered online, but an alternate password can be obtained by parents / teachers if a printable PDF of a test is desired.  Sample lessons for each course are available through the individual course web pages.

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Facinating Education

 A big thank you to Sarah Dugger of Ahoy Maties! for writing this introductory post.

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