Exciting Children’s Audio Stories

This article is in collaboration with Jonathan Park, a children’s audio story.

Sadly, many children walk away from their Christian faith after high school. The enemy is assaulting the minds and hearts of young people in the form of lies and deception. 

To counter this, Wise King Media created Jonathan Park, a collection of Christian audio stories the entire family will enjoy!

Exciting Children's Audio Stories

Adventure Audio Stories

With over two million albums sold, Jonathan Park provides God’s truth through fun and exciting audio adventures. Each volume is an action-packed adventure that takes listeners through imaginative stories that build their faith and affirm evidence of a Creator. Through memorable characters, exciting music, and epic sound effects, each story negates evolution with scientific facts and highlights the Biblical account of Creation. 

The Original Series contains nine albums and is recommended for ages 7-13. Join Jonathan Park and his friends as they travel to various locations around the world and encounter scientific evidence aligning with the Biblical account of Creation. 

The New Adventure Series offers ten albums and is best for ages 10-16. Jonathan Park is now 16 years old and traverses the middle east with his friends to hunt for archaeological evidence backed by events from the Bible. 

Image of the Jonathan Park CD

What is Inside Each Album?

All the albums provide specific science topics and faith-building takeaways. 

Note that each series includes four albums, each album contains three episodes, and each episode is 20-26 minutes in length. 

The Homeschool Review Crew listened to The Adventure Begins, Series 1. This pack contains four episodes.

Science Topics Included: 

  • The evolutionary tree
  • Convergent evolution
  • The laws of energy
  • Design of the water cycle

Faith-building Takeaways:

  • Returning good for evil (1 Peter 3:3, 9)
  • Showing kindness (Galatians 6:10)
  • Consequence of sin
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Other Resources

In addition to the children’s audio stories, Jonathan Park offers Study Guides as a companion to the nine albums in the Original Series. Each Study Guide contains study and review questions, faith-building facts, comprehensive science, and engaging activities. These guides will take learning to another level for children who want to dive deeper. 

Jonathan Park also provides a Kid’s Blog with articles about different animals. These articles contain detailed information and point to an Intelligent Designer for children interested in learning more about God’s creatures.

These children’s audio stories can be purchased individually through CDs or digital downloads or as an unlimited access monthly subscription. 

Special thanks to Kristi at Bailey’s Homeschool Adventure for writing this introductory article. 

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