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Loving others is something that we all need to work on. It can be easy to love those that we get along with, but what about those people who might be harder to get along with? How can we love them? How can we be nice to those who might be unkind to us? 

Learn to Love Each Other with Everybody, Always for Kids

Everybody, Always for Kids from Tommy Nelson Publishing is here to encourage children to find creative ways to love each other.

Written by both Bob Gott and his daughter Lindsey Goff Viducich, this book is a collection of 40 different stories that will encourage your family. The goal of the book is for the reader to become more aware of the many opportunities we have to love those around us. Love should be an important part of our lives and something we all need to strive for. These real-life stories are entertaining, witty, and yet very profound. 

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Meant for ages 6-10 this book can be used as a family read aloud.  Bob Gott recounts many of his personal adventures and draws lessons from them. The range of subject matter in these stories is varied. There are tales about his own family, childhood memories, trips he has taken, and places he has visited. Intertwined in each story are words that inspire children to see the many places where they can love one another. Throughout the book the reader is reminded that the perfect example of loving others is Jesus. You will also see how much God cares for us, loves us, and helps us to genuinely love others. These examples encourage and inspire all of us to love others with the love that God has for us.

The stories in Everybody, Always for Kids give concrete examples of how children can love others. There are stories about different ways to encourage those around you and ways that you can love others. There are constant reminders to think of others as higher than yourself, to celebrate their successes, and honor their accomplishments. 

Everybody, Always for Kids Reviews @ HomeschoolReviewCrew.com

The book is hardback and has beautiful illustrations in each of the stories. There is also a ribbon bookmark that is very handy for keeping your place in the book. The book is an excellent way to engage your younger children and help them to love others. 

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