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For many years we have known how powerful music can be when it comes to learning. Musical memory work is an excellent way for our children can quickly learn and recall just about anything. 

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Cross Seven Ventures LLC offers subscriptions for musical memory work created by Claritas Publishing to help build a strong classical foundation. 

Laura created Cross Seven initially as a way to support her child, who was an auditory learner, while using Claritas Memory Work. Cross Seven uses music and audiovisual slides to help students obtain working memory. Its mission is to be the most beloved resource for families. The design makes this so very easy to use so that we can have a little time to do other things while our children learn. 

Musical Memory Program

This program includes 4 cycles; each one is made up of musical memory work covering the following topics: Scripture, Hymns, Math, History, Science, English, Latin, and Geography. There is even a timeline with a great song to help you along. Each cycle includes 28 weeks of material on a four-year cycle—this can easily become an entire year of learning. 

The musical memory work has tons of fun, upbeat tunes that will quickly have everyone singing along. There is also an area for tracking the quizzes as children work through each topic in every cycle. You can even use streaming apps such as AppleTV, Roku, and FireTV, so everyone is able to learn together! 

Start your class by listening to the hymn, followed by prayer, and then: pledges to the American flag, the Christian flag, the Bible, and the Lord’s Prayer. From there move into Scripture and the Timeline. That completes the opening of each day. 

For every cycle the weekly videos are conveniently located in your account so your children can log in and start each day! There are also many fun links that can be accessed to expand the learning that is taking place. There are a variety of topics to explore from sources that are safe and reliable so we do not have to worry as they watch and learn. The videos are full of great visuals to help draw your children in. 

CrossSeven Homeschool Memory Work Reviews @

Once you select your cycle you click on the links to view the slides. There are numerous skits incorporated into the videos that include children. These help to bring part of history alive and make them more understandable. Each week contains memory work for Grammar, Scripture, Hymns, Math, History, Science, Latin, Geography, and Timeline.

As you work through the Latin there are numbers, poems, scripture to read and sing along with. This includes grammar lessons—verbs, declension, Scientia potentia. As you progress you will learn the Apostles Creed and lots more!

There is always much to learn from those old hymns; many of the favorites are here so we can sing along. Great is Thy Faithfulness, Come Thou Fount and many more!

In Science we cover various laws and scientists; taxonomy and types of leaves and parts of a flower. Each lesson is less than one minute in length with the information provided visually along with the song. 

CrossSeven Homeschool Memory Work Reviews @

For the Timeline there is a wonderful pdf download to help you create your own as you work through each lesson. There are also videos to go along with each lesson which provide the hand gestures to go along with each lesson. 

In the Grammar section, there are lessons related to the parts of a speech, the purpose of a sentence as well as patterns, adverbs, and lots more. As with other subjects the songs are simple, with visuals so students can read along with each song.

History begins with Creation and the Earliest People. As each cycle is worked through, the topics range from work through various historical events ending on September 11th. Each video includes visual aids to go along with the song. 

Math begins with simple counting and continues to conversions and fractions. As the cycles progress various types of measurements, the Pythagorean theorem, and angles and area are covered.

Geography starts with the continents and oceans, proceeding through the Seven Wonders of the World, Ancient China and Egypt expanding to Canadian Provinces, U.S. cities, and capitals. This is a fun way to travel through each continent from ancient to modern times. The videos are short and simple for young minds to be able to focus and retain the information. 

CrossSeven Homeschool Memory Work Reviews @

This is all such a gentle approach to classical education; your children simply read, hear and sing their way through all nine subjects that are contained in the cycles. These quizzes help students to quickly learn and recall what is being taught. Unlike so many other quizzes, these are lots of fun and range from finding and matching to map work. Every one of them can be completed again and again. 

The Cross Seven musical memory program also includes a parent dashboard to track each student’s memory work progress as they work through the interactive quizzes. The interactive quizzes are short and simple to complete, and there are a variety of badges and certificates that can be earned as they work through the subjects and complete their quizzes. 

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