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Jill J. Dixon, the author behind Educational Diagnostic Prescription Services, holds a Bachelor of Science in English Education (magna cum laude) and a Master’s Degree in Special Education (summa cum laude). She has many years of teaching experience, working with students of all age levels.  She has written MANY books to help fellow homeschoolers on their journey.

The Crew members received a variety of Mrs. Dixon’s books to review.  You will want to check the website to see the long list of books that are available.  The Crew will be reviewing the following 4:

(Includes Middle School through Adult)
Be Your Student’s High School Guidance and Career Counselor
In these 224 pages, you will find:
4 clear self–administered & self–scored assessments designed to
1) Your work and service preference and gifts
2) Your personality type
3) Your primary learning style
4) Your work environment preference
and match these with your 3 best College Majors and Careers
(you will determine which one of the three to choose)
• A list of college majors / Middle School and High School
Courses and activities for each major
• Career Interview candidates for each major
• List of over 650 occupations and the fastest growing jobs for
this decade
• A complete High School Handbook which includes: High School
Requirements, a complete list of Courses, Volunteer and
Service Opportunities, ACT/ PSAT / SAT Preparation,
Calculating Your G.P.A., Preparing Transcripts, Applying for
Scholarships, and more
• Several Forms for High School and Career Planning (*The
guide itself can be used as an elective credit of ½ for High
• And more!
Everyone in your family can use this book!
• Focuses on writing of excellent authors to teach descriptive
writing skills and encourages the reading of these great works.
• Vol. 1 covers nine different writing genres in an easy to use format
for Grades 3-12/Can by used with all children in a family at one
• Contains cited literary passages regarding each covered genre.
There is, therefore, no need to purchase the books that contain
these passages in order to complete the program.
• Teaches students how to write each genre while learning literary
critique, some grammar, proofreading, and listening
comprehension skills.
• Builds skill upon skill to insure mastery.
• Is written to the student – Minimal teacher involvement is required.
• Gives day by day lessons that can be completed in 15-45 minutes.
• Can be used with other subjects for reinforcement, such as
science and history.
• Has complete grading criteria for parents and teachers.
• Comes with a helpful answer key.
• Features our invaluable “How-To-Write Guide”, checklists that
assure superb writing throughout one’s writing life.
• Contains references to additional literary passages so that the
program can be continually used.
• Has activities for all learning styles. Encourages reluctant writers
and accommodates the learning disabled.
A Comprehensive Vocabulary Curriculum
covering Grades K through 12
673 English Forms of Greek and Latin Roots
and Prefixes with their meanings
Plus 1716 Vocabulary Words
Increases Spelling, Writing, Dictionary and Reading Decoding Skills
Contains Most Commonly Tested Words on the SAT (Scholastic
Aptitude Test) as well as Words From Other Standardized Tests

Crew Members: Please sign the Mr. Linky below with your name and the title of the book you are reviewing (feel free to use abbreviations).

23 thoughts on “Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services”

  1. Like the usage of great authors to teach how to write well. Have you noticed how so few books today actually help you imagine that you are there?

  2. Since my oldest are just in 8th grade, this was more fun and eye opening than career determining. However, it did give us great ideas on what fields they may be interested in and how we can go about pursuing those interests.

  3. Husband and I really like the writing curriculum – we love how great literary works are used as examples to learn from and emulate. Thanks for the opportunity to review this!

  4. We got to review both the Career Planning and Roots and Fruits. Both are working out very well for us. Love the multi-age value of Roots and Fruits and the Career Planning was perfect timing for us!


  5. It has been a pleasure reviewing these products. I was blessed to receive all 4 items and found them very helpful for my children.


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