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Recently the Homeschool Review Crew was given the opportunity to receive and review products from Easy Grammar Systems, winner of the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from Howtolearn.com.  This award honors only those with the best educational products or services and those awarded are selected by the parent and teacher team members.

     The Crew were given 7 resources to review:

Each product focuses on teaching grammar in an innovative way. They are designed to teach your child how to master grammar skills.  Every Easy Grammar book comes with unit reviews, unit tests, cumulative reviews and cumulative tests.

The Easy Grammar series is the teaching series of the Easy Grammar System and is geared towards grades 2-6.  Each textbook teaches the concepts of grammar on different grade levels. The Teacher edition comes with the instructions needed to teach each concept, answer keys, tests, and reproducible pages for your students to work through.  The Student Workbooks will save you from printing the work pages from the Teacher Edition. 

The Easy Grammar Plus book is for junior high students to adult. This resource teaches concepts in the Easy Grammar series and the Daily Grams series, plus much more advanced concepts like gerunds and the perfect and progressive tenses.  The Teacher Edition still includes the student work pages and all the answers, tests, and instructions just like the other series of the Easy Grammar Systems.

The Daily GRAMS series is the review series. You will focus on reviewing grammar skills about 10 minutes a day and is made for grades 3-7.  The Teacher Edition is all you really need for this series. The reproducible student pages are located in the front of the book while the answers are in the back.  Of course, you can purchase the student workbook if you are not able to make copies and have more than one student working through the student pages.

Finally, we have the Easy Grammar Ultimate Series.  This series is intended for grades 8-12.  There are 180 Daily Lessons that only take about 10 minutes or so to complete.  This series is designed so your student will be able to master basic skills and advanced concepts as they progress step by step in this journey to learn grammar.  The Teacher Edition has all you need. Again, you can copy the student work pages or have them write directly in the book. It’s up to you.  

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