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Did you know that 50% of college freshmen are not prepared for the rigors of college writing, and are required to take remedial courses?  You can avoid this costly path by preparing your student ahead of time with College-Ready Writing Essentials™ from BetterRhetor.

This online course is designed to equip your high school junior or senior with the writing skills they need for college-level writing.  Students will write a research-based essay following clear, step-by-step guidance from the author, founder, and CEO, William Bryant, Ph.D.

Students work through this 25 lesson course independently, at their own pace.  The lessons detail the writing process with expert instruction in:

  • Planning- 10 lessons
  • Drafting- 8 lessons
  • Revising – 4 lessons
  • Finalizing – 2 lessons

The course offers lifetime access, and is available in two packages:  Full and Premium.  The Premium package includes additional exercises,  Dr. Bryant’s personalized essay feedback for your student, and a  full Teacher’s Guide PDF.

Lessons include detailed instructions written directly to the student.  Each lesson uses links to real-life examples, as well as, downloadable exercises and worksheets for the student to complete.

In addition, the course offers a discussion forum for student interaction.

Key terms and phrases are clearly explained, and a handy reference sheet is provided your student’s future use.  A printable completion certificate is included in the program.

There’s more, the course includes a Bonus – 8 Concepts for the Culture of College Academics article and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Once your student completes this course, they will be well-prepared for the world of college writing.

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