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Do you have a high school student preparing to take the SAT (or PSAT)? Are you looking for a way to prepare your student to take this test with confidence and success?  Or maybe you have a child who has already taken one of these tests and was disappointed with his/her score. Do you believe it’s possible to raise that score by 600 points?!  It is, and here’s how:

Experience COLLEGE PREP GENIUS, the test prep course that has helped thousands of students from public, private and home schools improve their test scores by colossal numbers. With nearly a decade of seeing results, this unique and pragmatic approach to test-taking has revolutionized the way students all across the United States prepare for the SAT. COLLEGE PREP GENIUS contains original techniques to help discover the logical patterns of standardized exams and continues to emerge as the next big thing in test prep.

The College Prep Genius program comes complete with everything you need to guarantee success on your SAT test – a textbook, a workbook, and the “Master the SAT Class” dvd.  They are currently offering this package at a 30% discount, so you’ll definitely want to check it out.  While at the website, be sure to sign up for the e-newsletter (with your e-newsletter subscription, you’ll receive a copy of the FREE report – “Good-Bye Student Loans – Hello Free College”).

The Crew will be sharing their reviews/thoughts on this product here:

16 thoughts on “College Prep Genius”

  1. Just posted our second review after digging in a bit. I think it's great information and will for sure help prepare for the SAT but you'll need to consider the time investment carefully as it's quite a lot. Like everything pick and chose what you need from it!


  2. I like that it is DVD's and that makes it easy for my son and I to watch them together. Obviously I have not yet tried them, would love to win them and be able to try them though. This is a great idea to help parents!


  3. Just talked to a another homeschooling mother about this very subject. This program sounds like you heard our talk. Just what we are looking for to help our kids prepare for college.

  4. The 2nd edition has been released, and the company is advertising a 30% discount. However, the original price is $129.85 and the discounted price is $99, resulting in a discount of 23.76%. I am hesitant to buy an SAT prep course from a company that has a basic math error on the front page of its website and in its emails. If you’ve used the course long enough to assess the accuracy of the material, please comment. Thanks!


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