I’m sure that, if you’ve been homeschooling for any length of time, that you have heard of abcteach.  It seems like, no matter what I’m looking for, if I do a Google search, abcteach comes up about 99% of the time!  They truly have something for every topic!Their website brags 5,000+ FREE printables and worksheets.  So, what is the value of membership?  First off, members receive access to 35,000+ printables and worksheets (with more being added weekly)!  Notice the difference in numbers – that’s 30,000 MORE with membership!  Here are a few more benefits:
*Broad range of subjects and levels.
*New materials added weekly to reflect current events and seasonal topics.
*An extensive educational clip art collection that will add color to your classroom.
*No advertising on the member site.
*Customer service representatives who are always available to address your concerns and requests.

Sound overwhelming?   I love the huge directory of topics and all the printables that are available, but I’m particularly fond of the worksheet generators.  There is just so much to see that you could spend hours on this site and never see it all!

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to find more than worksheets available on this site. There are a lot of fun hands-on, manipulative, and creative resources to be found!

  2. We used the free part of this site when my kids were a bit younger a lot. It was intersting to "check out" the membership part.


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