Couponing Made Simple (Christi the Coupon Coach Review)

This article is in collaboration with Christi the Coupon Coavh. Christi the Coupon Coach has written a book called Couponing Made Simple with a purpose in mind.  She wanted to help other families learn how to save money by reducing their grocery bills.  As a homeschooling mom of four she knew what a sacrifice it … Read more

Simplify Your Kitchen! (Simplified Pantry Review)

This article is in collaboration with Simplified Pantry. The Review Crew has had a blast using and reviewing three of Mystie Winckler’s Simplified Pantry eBooks. Crew members have been able to utilize the recipes, master pantry lists, and other kitchen tips and tricks in her two cookbooks, Simplified Dinners  and Simplified Dinners, Gluten Free / Dairy … Read more

Modesty Matters Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Modesty Matters. Sometimes it’s difficult to find suitable clothes to buy. Modesty Matters helps fill that need, especially the need to find modest dresses, by offering both sewing patterns and sewing instruction. Their “You CAN Sew!” program is a comprehensive course designed to teach basic sewing skills. The detailed … Read more

Everyday Homemaking Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Everyday Homemaking. Everyday Homemaking offers practical homemaking and homeschooling ideas to help you better manage your household and time. Members of the Molly review team recently reviewed two of the books from their Everyday Homemaking series.  The Everyday Family Chore System has practical ideas for a family chore plan. It … Read more

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