Math Tutor DVD

Math Tutor DVD is returning for a second voyage with the Homeschool Crew!  I must say that this was one of my favorite vendors from Year 1, simply because it helped my oldest daughter (who hates math) better understand Algebra concepts.  Jason Gibson, the man behind Math Tutor DVD, is an excellent tutor! (You can … Read more

MathScore / Accurate Learning

MIT graduates set out to create an online program that would provide adaptive math practice to students.  The result is MathScore, a mastery-based program that has been proven to raise test scores. MathScore targets grades two through Algebra I, though it can be used by first graders, and certainly can provide drill to older students … Read more

3P Learning / Mathletics

3P Learning, the home of Mathletics,  is a web-based math service, providing children a chance to compete with students from around the world, or to rack up points by working through grade-specific content, which includes step-by-step animated support. There is access to additional games at Rainforest Maths, and the students get to go shopping for … Read more


Last year’s Crew had opportunity to review ALEKS, a web-based math program.  You can read their reviews here. If you have never heard of ALEKS, I’d encourage you to check out their website. There is something there for everyone – from teachers/parents to students (of all ages).  ALEKS has programming available for all ages, from … Read more

Barnum Software / Quarter Mile Math

Have you been looking for a way to boost your child’s mental math skills?  If so, then you need look no further than Barnum Software and their program called The Quarter Mile Math. Not only does The Quarter Mile Math help boost your child’s math skills and confidence, but it does so in a way … Read more

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