An Evaluation of the Orton-Gillingham Method PRIDE Reading Program

An Evaluation of the Orton-Gillingham Method PRIDE Reading Program

Finding a good, solid reading or phonics program is essential for helping your children become independent learners. PRIDE Reading Program offers eight levels of instruction based upon the Orton-Gillingham method. Learn more about Beginning Letters & Sounds and Book 1 with

Cursive and Copywork

Homeschooling Finds brought to you by The Old Schoolhouse® Cursive and Coypwork with photograph of blackboard with letters above it

When a homeschool social media account asks about requiring cursive for one’s homeschooled students, there is often a great debate in the comments. Homeschool parents and others have strong and diverse feelings about cursive. And copywork too! The wonderful thing about homeschooling is that we can choose what works best for our families when it … Read more

Learn to Read with Reading Eggs

Every parent wants to help their child learn to read. However, phonics and teaching the English language can be tricky, so an interactive and engaging program can be helpful. Reading Eggs is a great learning resource that combines games, songs, and other educational activities to help children learn phonics and grammar.

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