Encouraging Independent Reading with Christian Chapter Books

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Homeschooling just got easier with The Magnificent Mulligans chapter books. Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine subscribers may be familiar with the popular comic book-style series that leaves readers at the edge of their seats each time a new adventure releases in the magazine. Did you know that beginning and avid readers alike can purchase The Magnificent Mulligans books directly from Tyndale House Publishers? No need to wait for the magazine to hit your mailbox to find out what the Mulligans are up to! Kids familiar with the series will be excited to join their favorite characters on new adventures. Those just being introduced to the Mulligans will quickly fall in love. This large family includes several adopted children—plus 138 animals. That’s right! 138 animals. These books are situated within the context of The Mulligan Wild Animal Park, leaving readers anticipating excitement in every chapter and parents confident that biblical truths will be presented.

An Inside Look at What a Croc!

Bill Myers is an award-winning author and the creator of the iconic TV series McGee and Me! takes ordinary family challenges and places them in extraordinary situations. Not everyone experiences zoo life on a daily basis—although it might feel like it. Large families face unique challenges creatively addressed throughout What a Croc! with creative and relatable storylines. Written for children ages 8–12, younger learners can also listen to this book as a read-aloud. With twenty-five chapters, a handful of full-page illustrations, and occasional special fonts sprinkled throughout, this book provides variety for young readers new to chapter books. This is the fourth book in The Magnificent Mulligan series, preceded by Leapin’ Leopards, Lions, Elephants, Lies, and Smoke in the Air! Each book could be read as a stand-alone, or they could be collected as a series. 

Encouraging Independent Reading with Christian Chapter Books

Curses, Fortune Telling, and Smear Campaigns

What do young Christians do when faced with unexpected challenges? Do they fall into fear, doubt, or unbelief? Regardless of how seemingly small or large the concern, Scripture is used throughout this book to help kids remember to take everything they go through back to the Word of God. This story points the kids to their parents, who in turn point them to God. When the curse concern arises, the father reminds the kids that people often have more faith in superstitions than in God. The mother agrees. Ultimately, Scripture is used as the final authority while addressing real-life concerns that cloud the minds of young people today. 

Thoughts and Questions

Parents may use a section called Thoughts and Questions at the end of the book. This section provides thought-provoking questions to dive deeper into each chapter—perfect to use in the homeschool setting. Questions vary from figuring out relational issues to seeing how the Bible can help decision-making. The questions can be used as a simple discussion prompt or as handwriting practice in an assignment format.

Sibling Bond Time with chapter books


Families looking for chapter books to use in their homeschool now have an affordable option without compromising the content. This faith-based series provides quality content using relatable characters and unique situations that keep kids entertained and inspired. These thought-provoking chapter books make the perfect addition to any homeschool bookshelf. Order your copy of What a Croc! to see what all the hype is about today.

The Magnificent Mulligans Series

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