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Imagine a place where you could get all your schooling done. One board, one place. where you can find a home with courses to take on-line, grading predominately by the program. Can you imagine what a time saver that could be?

Enter in Calvert Homeschool. They have two separate programs. One for Kindergarten to grade 2, and then grade 3-12 which we are reviewing for you today.

Calvert Homeschool is a mobile on-line program, take it with you where-ever you go. You do need an internet connection, but you don’t need your laptop! Oh the freedom this allows. Go outside on that sunny day and work in your backyard, or travel to the library, or wherever the internet takes you!

Clearly laid out lessons make Calvert an easy option. A parent board to set up lessons easily for each of your children. Choose your courses, and let your students run with it. Each lesson is short, with videos and pictures. As a parent you control how your child is able to complete their course. What constitutes an A, how they answer questions, and other important details.

Calvert Homeschool is one of the leading homeschool providers. This award winning product, helps you realize the benefits of homeschooling. The individual and family plans give you access to 45 courses in history and geography, language arts, math, science and more. All you need in one place.

AND you aren’t confined to one grade, so if your student in ahead in say…. math, then put them in the right class for them. If they are behind in science, then back track. Nothing in the course material says what grade it is meant for which is great for the student as they can concentrate on learning and not in “being in the right grade”.

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