Blog Cruise – What Do You Do If Your Child Doesn't Like to Read?

Homeschoolers read. Every homeschooled child reads in all their free time. Every homeschool family cuddles with mom on the couch while she reads aloud…for hours.

This is another one of those exaggerated homeschool stereotypes. There is some truth in the stereotype though. On average, homeschool families probably do read more than families whose children are in school.

So what do you do if your child doesn’t like to read? That’s today’s Blog Cruise question. Read on to find tips to encourage the love (or like) of reading in your home.

~Lori @ Hearthside Homeschool Reviews tells How to Spread the Reading Disease.

~Annie Kate @ Tea Time with Annie Kate gives advice for Raising Bookworms.

~Jodi @ The Homeschool Desks adds Teach them to love reading!

~Debra @ Footprints in the Butter shares 14 ways of Encouraging Children to Read.

~Laura @ Day by Day in Our World tells her ideas of Encouraging the Reluctant Reader.

If you’re looking for good books to read, try the 100 Top Children’s Novels and 100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know.

Come back next week for this Crew’s final Blog Cruise—-How do you help your child if he is struggling to learn?

This post was written by Kristen, who blogs at A Day in the Life and has Books, books, everywhere.

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