Blog Cruise: Incorporating the Extras

Homeschooling takes a lot of juggling. Along with the 3R’s, social studies and science, there are many other subjects that we would all like to include in our homeschool days. But where do we find the time to squeeze it all in? Several members of the Homeschool Crew share their ideas as they answer this week’s Blog Cruise question:

How do you incorporate the extras, like art and music, into your day?

Christa asks the question, “Is it really extra?” at Fairfield Corner Academy.

At The Blessings Pour Out, Heather’s approach is to have a “special activity of the day”. Read more in  “Turn on the Music, Bring on the Art“.

The Extras are Included” at Homeschool Coffee Break. Click over to read just how Kym does it!

Read about how Lisa adds “Extra Activities to Our Homeschool” at The McClanahan 7.

Lisa, at The Berry Patch, has a yearly goal for these subjects. She shares more in “Adding Fine Arts”.

Jennifer, discusses “Fine Art Electives“, at A Glimpse of Our Life.

Finally, it “Fitting it all in“, I share how I manage to cover subjects such as drama, art, and Spanish, with a little help, at Ben and Me.

How do you incorporate these extra subjects into your homeschool?

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