Blog Cruise — Homeschooling in High School

You blinked and now she’s in high school. Will you still homeschool? There are stricter requirements now, since she wants to go to college. There are transcripts to keep, and certain subjects you must teach. You may be nervous, wondering if you can do it. Can you really teach trigonometry or biology with a lab?

You’re not alone. Many families continue to homeschool all the way through homeschool. Some do it without much outside help. Other’s take advantage of local cottage schools or dual enrollment programs. However you choose to homeschool high school, we’re here to tell you that you really can do it. And do it well!

So, come along as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew share with you how they are Homeschooling High School.

Jan @ Encouraging Moms Who Homeschool — Homeschooling My High Schoolers

“Does the mere thought of homeschooling all the way through high school, for lack of wording, freak you out? No worries, fellow homeschool moms. It freaks all of us out, and it’s perfectly normal. “

Jennifer @ A Glimpse of Our Life — High School Resources

“High school is another new adventure, but for this I feel a bit more prepared maybe because I’ve done more planning. . .   I thought you might enjoy some resources I have found helpful.”

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy — Finishing Strong

” . . . after doing some research and talking to some experienced homeschool moms, I’ve discovered that high school really doesn’t have to be all that scary!!”

Tess @ Circling through This Life — I Blinked. Now They’re in High School

“I like to think of eighth grade as a bridge. We’ve not tracked grades or done report cards up to this point, and I’ve been more lenient with due dates. That changes this year.”

Jill @ Clark Clan Craziness — You are going to do what? Homeschooling High School

“For high school, I go away from being the main teacher, to becoming more of a mentor/advisor. I find programs that work well for my kids to do on their own and then report back to me.”

Michele @ Faith, Family and Fridays — Doing it a second time around!

“. . . while it is technically her freshman year, she did complete 3 classes last year that count towards her high school transcript.  If they are doing high school level classes, even in 8th grade, IT COUNTS!”

Lisa @ The Happy Homeschool Mom — Yes You Can Successfully Homeschool High School

“High School is a scary thought for homeschooling years before it even begins. My first year of homeschooling my oldest daughter was in third grade. One of my fears before we made the commitment to homeschool that first year was, ‘What happens when she is older and her knowledge surpasses mine?'”

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break — Relax! High School Isn’t That Different

“For anyone who is feeling a bit anxious about just how to homeschool through high school, here’s a bit of perspective.  How many of us, when we brought our first infant home, spent a lot of time worrying about how they would learn to ride a bike? “

Debra @ Footprints in the Butter — Coaching High School

“So, let me just give you a list of what Connor is doing for his sophomore year… and I’ll make comments as I go through that.  Because I’m finding high school to be far easier than those early years, and I want to share some of that here.”

Thank you for joining us for this week’s Blog Cruise. Join us next week when our topic will be  Giving Back.

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