Blog Cruise — Fitting It All In

The new school year has begun for many of you. For most that means you’re back to being everything to everyone — wife, mom, teacher. It’s a tall order. Not to mention you’re trying to cover all the bases academically, while struggling to make sure Susie gets enough of the art she loves, Johnny gets to enough science experiments, and the baby Lucy has plenty of safe tummy time. Don’t forget Mom needs to get enough exercise, quiet time, and a shower now and then. And, of course, meals need to be planned and cooked and the dishes are still waiting. It can be quite a juggling act.

Inquiring minds want to know, don’t they? How do you fit it all in? Come along as members of the Crew answer that question for you, each in their own unique way.

Jennifer @ White Trash MamaThank Heaven for Husbands

“I finally sat down and wrote my subjects out on cards. I’m a visual learner and I needed to see what I was doing.  I divided the different subjects by their type: Disciplinary vs. Inspirational. “

Lori @ Special Connection HomeschoolOur Schedule

“Many people want to know what a typical homeschool day looks like for us.  Well, OK around my house no day is generally typical, but here is what we strive for.

Jennifer @ A Glimpse of Our LifeA Day in the Life

Homeschool for us is a lifestyle. We turn everyday events and special occasions into educational opportunities.”

April @ Eclectic MontageHomeschool Juggling Act

Kayla @ Arroowood ZooGetting It Done — Worth It or Not? 

Fitting in all in your day might honestly not be a good thing. Hear me out.

Marcy @ Ben and MeOur Homeschool Days

“Because we are primarily delight-directed, things can change on a dime. There are few constants though, and one thing I am planning to try to be more diligent about is sticking to a daily Monday–Friday schedule.

Thank you for joining us for this week’s Blog Cruise. Join us next week when we will be discussing Homeschooling High School.

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