Blog Cruise: Favorite Free or Cheap Resources

Free or Cheap Resources

I don’t know about you, but I love great homeschooling resources that don’t cost  a lot of money! From free printables and unit studies, to discounted memberships, I am always scouring the internet for ways to save on my homeschool budget.

For this week’s Blog Cruise, we asked the TOS Crew members this question:

What is your favorite free or cheap homeschool resource?

Come check out all the ways these expert homeschoolers have found to save $$.

At Circling Through This Life, Tess shares her favorite (and most entertaining) resource for math in “No Tuna, No Jack“.

At Lighthouse Classical Academy, Marisa has a few great tips for  “Keeping Costs Down” .

Alyson is debuting a new blog page filled with “Free Education Internet Resources“, at Family Style School.

Both “Educational and Charitable Websites” are on Angela’s list of favorite resources at The Wellspring of Life.

Kym discusses her most obvious choice for free homeschooling in “Ode to My Library” at Homeschool Coffee Break.

At The Blessings Pour Out, character training is the most important job for Heather. Here, she shares “Our Favorite Free Online Character Resources” and as an extra bonus, “How to Homeschool for Free (or at least more inexpensively)“.

At Footprints in the Butter, Debra has a long list of reasons why “My library is the best homeschooling resource around“.

April, at Eclectic Montage, has fun online resource to share with “Our Favorite Free Resource–Alice 3D Programming“.

Finally, I share my favorite spot on the web for a plethora of freebies with “Lapbooks and Unit Studies and Printables . . . oh my! ” at Ben and Me.

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