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Extra Curricular Activities

From co-ops to sports, AWANA to band, music lessons to scouting, the opportunities for outside activities abounds for many homeschoolers. It is sometimes difficult to choose! For some families, their days are filled with these kinds of activities, while for others, keeping it all at home is important. This week, we thought it would be interesting to hear more about which activities the Crew finds important (and fun!) for their students. So we asked this question . . .

What extracurricular activities do your students enjoy?

At Lextin Academy,”Less is More“. Read more from Lexi about why.

For Beth, at Ozark Ramblings, “Extracurricular Means Extra Fun“!

Nicole’s kids are homebodies. Read more on her take on the subject in “What My Kids DON’T Do Much of in Their Spare Time” at Journey to Excellence.

At Eclectic Montage, April is taking advantage of the many opportunities available to her in “Incorporating Extras Into Our Routine“.

In “Home is Where the Heart Is ~ How Many Extra-Curricula Activities Does Your Family Do?“, Heather shows the wide range of opportunities, while be careful to choose wisely for her own family, at The Blessings Pour Out.

Kym asks the question, “Does this count as school?” at Homeschool Coffee Break.

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