Blessings in the Kitchen

When I was young girl while my parents were away at work, my sister and I would spend the day with my grandmother. Our grandparents lived on a small farm “up in the hollow”. All of the grandchildren loved to visit Momaw and Popaw however, my sister and I were blessed to spend long hours in their loving care. My grandmother is a Godly woman, her faith and spirit radiates when you are near her. As a young girl I shall never forget the hours of teaching, learning and laughing that we spent in her kitchen. She showed me that is was okay to make a mess. She taught me how God’s love can be expressed through the simple act of having supper on the table. She helped me to create a love for God and family deep inside my soul and for that I shall always be grateful!


When I became a mother I wanted to share the joy that I felt in my grandmother’s kitchen with my own children. I know little children may be messy at times and the thought of a giant mess can scare many mothers (including myself!). I try to remember what my grandmother always told me, “We may be making a mess but we are also making memories.”.  My children are now seventeen, seven and six. Since they were young (even as toddlers) I have brought them into my kitchen to help mommy in any way that they could.  I can remember my daughter with flour on her little nose and a big smile on her face, mixing away in a bowl that seemed larger then she was. We would talk of her hopes of growing older, how one day she might become a chef or a teacher when she was “all grown up”. We talked of her dreams, faith, love… as we cooked away in our own little part of this world.  I look back and I see my oldest son learning to blanche tomatoes. I see the amazement in his eyes as the peeling starts to fall off.  His little scientist mind is working overtime learning the simple act of “putting supper on the table”. My youngest son is sitting in the floor drumming on a pot singing as loud as he can. He can feel our love all around him.  Our little kitchen is filled with many sweet blessings!


As our children grow older it can be hard to get their minds off of games and electronics. However, if we as mothers will open our kitchens we can also open their hearts. There are so many ways we can share in this joy that my grandmother taught me many years ago. The smallest act of measuring out water can bring on a wonderful discussion of God’s love and mercy when He saved Noah and his family on the ark.  A child being able to knead bread…. cut out small circles and place them upon a pan can help them to learn of patience and kindness as they create morning biscuits for their brothers and sisters. There will be many messes, silly mistakes and goofy faces. There will also be amazing blessings in the kitchen when we say “Would you like to help Mommy?”

Child Friendly Recipe:

Cocoa Mounds (a.k.a Preacher Cookies)

2 c. sugar             3 c. oatmeal

1/3  c. cocoa       ½ c. peanut butter

½ c. milk               2 tsp. vanilla

½ c. butter

Mix together sugar and cocoa. Add milk and butter. Bring to a boil for around 2 minutes. (Mommy may need to do this part.) Add oatmeal, peanut butter and vanilla. Stir until well blended. Spoon onto wax paper and let cool.

amyl3Amy Lowery and her husband, Shannon resides in Southwest Virginia. God has blessed them with three wonderful children and the opportunity to educate at home.


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