The 7-Minute Life Daily Planner Review

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If there is one thing that is true for homeschoolers it’s that life is busy. Very busy. Keeping on top of your child’s educational needs while managing your home,the rest of your family, and life can can put a lot on your plate and make you feel really frazzled.

To-do lists and detailed calendars, while wonderful, are many times not enough for a homeschooling mom to keep track of all that is going on. And goals and dreams seem to be lost in the day to day of keeping on top of homeschooling details.

TSML_logo_greenThe 7 Minute Life Daily Planner by The 7 Minute Life has a goal to help you achieve those long forgotten dreams and goals 7 minutes at a time.pos_artwork

  • Prioritize
  • Organize
  • Simplify

The 7 Minute Life runs on the premise that the average adult only has an attention span of 7 minutes. Using these 7 minute time slots in various ways The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner is designed to help you manage your time better and accomplish the goals that you uncover in the pre-planning stage.

Recently the Schoolhouse Review Crew got to dig into The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner and see if it could help transformed their busy lives and achieve new dreams.

The 7 Minute Daily Planner is a 7.3″ by 8.5″ physical planner designed to help you Prioritize, Organize, and Simplify by going beyond the usual to-do lists and calendars and helping you to prioritize what is important to you, organize your tasks for taking care of what is important to you, and simplifying your approach to those tasks.

The 7 Minute Planner starts helping you to organize your life by finding out all about you.

After going through a series of written exercises designed to pinpoint what you want out of life you then moves into determining your various goals, keeping track of your unfinished tasks for work and home, projects you have for the months and year, before moving to the Daily Progress Report where you turn your goals into daily action steps.

7-Minute Life Daily Planner

The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner is a hefty 270 pages.

The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner sections include:

  • Unfinished Work Tasks
  • Daily Progress Reports
  • Monthly Calendar at a Glance
  • Annual Calendar at a Glance
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • and more
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If you’ve got goals and dreams beyond what you’re getting done each day The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner can help you get there 7 minutes at a time.

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 7-Minute Daily Planner Review

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A big thank you to Kemi Quinn of Homemaking Organized for writing this introductory post.

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