5 Things We Learn From Doing Art

Art, a subject that in many schools is considered an extra, a class that’s mostly fluff that is easily disposed of in favour of class where the learning is more tangible. But art is more than fluff, art teaches many things.

1 Art promotes creativity. One of the things I love most in teaching art is to show children a concept like.. Cubism for instance. Showing them LOTS of pictures of cubism so they can get a good feel for it. Explaining what the thought process was behind it when it was introduced into the art work. And then giving those students various supplies and saying “create!” It is simply amazing to me what people can come up with when given a goal and some ideas. Some can do it all on their own, others need some coaching.. but in the end, all will be successful.

2. Art promotes problem solving. Just how WILL one complete this task? How can I draw a nose better? Is it possible to better shape out that apple? Shading…just where is that light source coming from? Should I paint what I literally see, or should I be more creative? What happens if I start a paper mache project and realize it is not going to do what I want it to? If I want to make a project that is sad, what colours should I use? How do I convey emotion? Or movement?

3. Art promotes durability. It takes time to learn how to properly outline a pine tree. Getting a horse to come out of granite JUST SO takes practice. Wood carving is small shavings at a time, rounding it out, smoothing those curves. Taking pictures of an animal takes split second timing…. and that requires oodles of patience.

4. Art promotes the ability to give and receive constructive criticism and praise. It’s a two-way street and helps the art student become better at their craft. The goal is always to improve your skills and to help others improve their skills as well.

5. Art promotes so much more than just these four skills. Art helps with language development, cultural awareness, history, developing visual-spatial skills and so much more. Art is not a subject to be avoided, but nurtured.

6. Some books that might help you along your journey.

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  1. I’m not creative. And I thought I’m not made for creative tasks. But when I started going to art school I found a new my self, with a lot of activity and inspiration for doing creative works.


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