Summer Reading for Girls

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Marcy @ Ben and MeTop 1o List of Free Kindle Books for Middle School Girls

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a list of classic books Ben is reading this summer. I thought it only fair to provide a list of classic books that girls will enjoy as well.

Tonia @ The Sunny PatchTJ’s Summer Reading Adventures

I don’t necessarily assign specific books but we keep a “book basket” by the couch and TJ is free to choose books from that basket during reading time. Reading isn’t her favorite pastime but she doesn’t complain (too much!) when she gets choices about what she can read.

Holly @ Possibilities and PeasMeet 10 Mighty Girls

Ten books starring mighty girls for middle school readers.

Kristi @ The Potters Hand AcademyHer Highness’ Summer Reading

My daughters are princesses. Without a doubt. And Kaitlyn, like any Princess, loves nothing more than being lost in a good book. We have had our difficulties with reading, but, when she finds something she adores, it’s hard to pull her out of it, no matter where she is, or when it is. She gets lost, engrossed, just like her Mama.

Meg @ Adventures with JudeCelia the Bookworm

The other day, after having read six books in as many days, Celia asked “Can you get me another book? I’m sorry…I’m just a bookworm.” Keeping up with her can be a challenge!

Leah @ As We Long Along the RoadSummer Reading: Good Books for Girls

Today’s blog cruise is MUCH easier. There are quite a few books my girls have and do enjoy. It’s usually pretty easy for them to fill up their summer reading records.

Kemi @ Homemaking Organized Blog A Summertime Reading List for Little Girls

The various accounts of what I liked to read as a child are both funny and a bit fascinating. At age five I carried around a small thick French novel. Pure words, nary the picture. The fact that I was a small child reading such a book was not the issue. The issue, to the elders around me, was that it was purely in French. A language, I think, unknown to me.

Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove AcademyUsborne Books Summer Reading Suggestions for Girls 

I don’t have any girls of my own (just yet), but Here are a few of my choice selections for girls this summer.

LaRee @ Broad HorizonsGirls’ Books Are Better

Maybe it’s because I *am* a girl (who read copious amounts as a child) or maybe it’s because I *have* all girls, so I’ve never HAD to read “boy books”, but it just seems to me like there are SO MANY great, classic, options for girls to read.

Tiffany @ The Crafty HomeSummer Reads from a Girl’s Childhood

I can remember going and visiting my Great Grandma in the summer time. She had this wonderful tree in her front yard that had the perfect place to crawl up into and read.

Kim @ Homestead AcresSummer Reading Adventures for Girls

Books are fuel for creative ideas. They can take us around the world and back in time or into the future. I’ve lost count of how many stories have been acted out in our yard. How many times the children have rearranged the living room to be a “set”. How many nights they’ve begged for one more chapter because the story was just to good!

Renata @ Sunnyside Farm FunOur 10 Favourite Fiction Books for Girls

One of my favourite times with my daughter is sharing these much loved books with her as we cuddle up together under soft blankets.

Sara @ Embracing DestinyOur “just for fun” summer reading list

Summer is generally the time we catch up on reading just for fun — without it being part of a curriculum or a particular living history book to go along with our studies or for a review we’re doing. These are books we read just for the sheer enjoyment of getting lost in a good story.

Beth @ WeavingsSummer Reading for Girls of All Ages

Summertime makes me think of relaxation, sitting outside, and reading a pile of books! Here are some favorites reads amongst the Starr girls and a few that are big hits with the boys!

Audra @ Simply Audra MarieDelightful Summer Reads for Girls

Two weeks ago, I shared 16 Cool Summer Reads for Boys. Today, my daughters and I are going to share a variety of book ideas for girls. Make sure you check out the boys list because girls would love to read most of those, too.

Tracey @ A Learning JourneyPopular Chapter Books for Girls

Alyssa is an avid reader. She will read her favorite chapter books just about anywhere . . . in her closet, at the beach, in the car, at the store, on top of the dryer, on the countertops, to Bailey (the dog) at the library, at the table, on her bed, outside, and even upside-down on the couch. I wanted to feature a list of her favorite chapter book titles.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee BreakSummer Reading

She likes adventurous female characters, humor, and mystery; and she doesn’t consider herself ‘too old’ to read simpler chapter books from time to time.

Ellen @ Grace Tells Another StoryCool Reads for the Hot Summer Break

We are big readers here in our house. In fact, the curriculum we use for our spine, Tapestry of Grace, is centered around living books….so during the year, my daughter does a lot of reading, and doesn’t get to all the books she wants to read as often as she would like. Consequently, one of the things she was excited about for the summer was the opportunity to just go to her shelves and select a book for the day (or week, depending on her choice).


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