Photobucket is the latest venture from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, featuring online content designed for and by home educators.  It offers resources for kindergarten through high school in all the major subjects.  Topics include lapbooking, chemistry, special needs, creative writing, math, monthly reading lists, monthly special themes, and more.  The lessons and activities are available 24/7 to be used at your discretion in a flexible plan for your homeschool needs, for all ages in your family.


Some of the most respected and recognized names in homeschooling contribute to  You’ll find articles, lesson plans, and helpful content from people like Kim Kautzer (WriteShop), Kimm Bellotto (In the Hands of a Child), and Diana Waring (History Revealed).  The teachers, lessons, and themes change each month to provide up-to-date, fresh content.  There is also new content added daily and weekly throughout the site.

Along with all of those resources and lesson plans, members also receive the Schoolhouse Planners.  These are available for download as the general planner, primary, intermediate, high school, and special needs.  They are valued at $125 if purchased separately.  Members also have access to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine monthly online, back issues, a free monthly e-book, and Expo webinars.  As a bonus after 12 months of consecutive membership, you’ll receive a $25 gift certificate to be used in the Totally TOS section of the Old Schoolhouse store.

“Blended Learning, Innovative Education” is the tagline for  It is explained as follows:

World English Dictionary: “Blended learning is the use of both classroom teaching and online learning in education.” Our approach believes in the combination of face-to-face learning—i.e., home education and homeschool co-op settings—combined with the latest in technology. And that’s where innovative comes in. We’re using the latest in technology: online learning, E-Books, apps, back issues of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine archived, and more. And there’s much more (video, audio files) to come. is available for $1 for the first month.  It is $5.95 per month after that.  You may take a video site tour here to learn more.   A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is available here.

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A big thank you to Sara of Embracing Destiny for writing this introductory post.

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  1. […] SchoolHouse Review Crew_Schoolhouse Teachers_Review August 3, 2012 Filed under: Uncategorized — blessedfamilyofflowers @ 5:39 am Tags: Old Schoolhouse, School House Teachers Review, Schoolhouse Review Crew, Schoolhouse Teachers With two children in elementary school, one in middle school, and one in high school I needed a way to supplement my children’s learning (a.k.a make it fun and engaging) without breaking the bank.  Enter Schoolhouse Teachers where I found a plethora of ideas, lesson plans, activity suggestions, plus so much more.  Schoolhouse Teachers, an all-in-one resource for K-12th grade, is for home educators BY home educators (those who know where we are and where we are going because they have been here).  Just a couple of the key teachers (amongst many) that contribute lessons plans and such to the site include: Diane Waring (History Revealed) and Terri Johnson (Knowledge Quest).  I have used curriculum from both of these teachers (even recently wrote a review for one) and they offer high-quality products.  What is exciting is that not only is Schoolhouse Teachers available to you, as a homeschool parent, it is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Also to be noted: more and more content is continuously being added (daily, weekly, and monthly) as they are continually growing.     A sample from “This Day in History” A sample from a writing prompt that Kailey enjoyed     A Sample from a Grammar lesson that Emma enjoyed.    One section that instantly drew my interest and became a part of opening our school day was the section of “This Day in History.” However, from initially incorporating “This Day in History” we have also begun integrating other areas such as “Daily Grammar Lessons”, “Daily Math”, and “Writing Prompts.” I have found it that it is a very positive way to open our day (along with our Bible study) and the kids really have started looking forward to our opening time (plus I am getting extra learning in…shhhhh….).        A sample from a Summer Reading List suggestions   I also stumbled across a fabulous resource, a summer reading list (found under the schoolhouse library tab).      I would suggest that when a new user first starts the never-ending browsing, they watch the intro video available here: Schoolhouse Teachers Site Tour Then get to digesting all the great sections of: Schoolhouse Teachers, Schoolhouse Dailies, Schoolhouse Extras, the Schoolhouse Library, Schoolhouse Site Tour, Schoolhouse Samples, with a ton more available within each section.    I am being completely honest here, once you start browsing you will be sucked into a time warp and before you know it, it will be hours later.  Therefore, I suggest you do your browsing when you have a free block of time…grab some coffee and get ready to go on a resource available journey.  Honestly I do not know how they pull so many resources together, (which are continually growing), and all in one place and still keep it affordable.     Did I mention members also get access to downloadable planners? Personally, with a rising 9th grader, the free high school planner was an instant draw to me.  I instantly downloaded and began scrolling through the massiveness of it.  A brief overview, it includes such things as: daily and monthly planning, an attendance sheet, high school tracking sheet, high school credit log, a sample course of study (for those students who are college bound or not), a community service log, course suggestions/ ideas, an overview on how to calculate a G.P.A, and so much more.  I mean it is REALLY jam-packed with how loaded it is.  This is the ultimate planner.  The planner is also available for general, primary, intermediate, and special needs.        Finally, and this does not even touch on all that is available, members have access to all the Old Schoolhouse Magazines AND access to a monthly free e-book.  Oh, Oh…I did not even tell you that after one year of membership, members get a $25 gift certificate that can be used in the Totally TOS section of the Old Schoolhouse store.  That is like an instant discount off of the subscription.  For all that is available within this site, which is continually growing, it is a steal.  You simply have to Point-Click-Teach   My family personally plans on continuing the usage of Schoolhouse Teachers as a supplement to our learning and to add fun and pizazz to our homeschool days.  My 6th grade son has enjoyed computer programming, my 9th grader has enjoyed career planning, my 5th grader has enjoyed the Daily Writing Prompts, and my 3rd grader has enjoyed daily reading suggestions, Daily Grammar, and lapbooking fun.    To find out more about Schoolhouse Teachers, click here:       To see what others from the Schoolhouse Review Crew have to say about this product click here: Schoolhouse Review Crew […]

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