Homeschool Preschool Curriculum (La La Logic Review)

If you are wondering where to get started with your young one, La La Logic has a wonderful Preschool Curriculum for you.


You can start using the program with your child as early as age 3. It is geared towards children ages 3-6 and includes 100 weekly schedules.

Each week of activities includes things you do online, an activity you do as a pair (parent and child), as well as things you do on paper. The online activities are brain training exercises, but your child just thinks he/she is playing a game, because it’s fun! The printable activity your child does will include things like cutting, gluing, and coloring. The activity with a parent might be something like reading a story and talking about it, placing objects around the house in a particular order, or making up a story. LaLaLogic3

The week is all planned out for you. You just login to your child’s account and print off the weekly schedule with worksheets. Once you have done that, you just follow the directions each day and help your child through the program.

If you child is on the older end of the spectrum or advanced, you can do 2 week’s worth of lessons in one week. La La Logic suggests if you are to do that, you do one week’s activity in the morning and the next week’s activity in the afternoon.  Each day’s lesson should only take around 10-20 minutes.


It is suggested you do it this way, as opposed to skipping ahead because the program is progressive in nature. This way, your child won’t miss a thing!

The activities will get progressively harder as your child goes through the program.

La La Logic has an approach that is based on something called Plasticity Research and has curriculum that is based on IQ tests. The critical thinking and problem solving skills learned through this program will teach your child how to learn and once they know that, their potential is sky high!

The program also remembers who it is geared for… children with short attention spans!  And as such, has a variety of different activities and games, both online and off.

La La Logic gives your preschooler the beginnings they need to be successful for the remainder of their school career.

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La La Logic Review

A big thank you to Nicole of Some Call It Natural for writing this introductory post.

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