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Homeschool Legacy’s Once-A-Week Unit Studies are created just for busy homeschool parents; other than a quick trip to the library, no preparation time is needed – it’s already been done for you!

As an added bonus, if you have any Boy Scouts or American Heritage Girls in the family, they can earn merit badges while completing their unit study assignments with the rest of the family. How’s that for a time saver?

Schoolhouse Review Crew members received one of the following unit studies:

Birds of a Feather cover

Birds of A Feather gets kids excited about science while studying some of God’s most beautiful creations!

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Bird Study
  • American Heritage Girls Badge: Feathered Friends
  • 4 weeks
  • $15.95

Forest for the Trees cover

Can’t see the Forest For the Trees? You will by the time you’re done with this fun, hands-on unit study…and you’ll stand in awe of God’s creation!

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Forestry
  • 4 weeks
  • $15.95

Horsing Around cover

Horsing Around while doing your schoolwork? You bet! Kids learn the basics of horsemanship with this fun Once-a-Week Unit Study.

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Horsemanship
  • American Heritage Girls Badge: Horsemanship
  • 4 weeks
  • $15.95

Weather on the Move cover

Weather on the Move – Students discover Earth’s extraordinary weather while tracking hurricanes, conducting simple experiments, and so much more with this exciting Once-a-Week Unit Study.

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Weather
  • American Heritage Girls Badge: Young Meteorologist
  • 7 weeks
  • $19.95

Knights and Nobles cover

Knights and Nobles – Enter a world of castles & cathedrals, kings & queens & medieval feasts! This Once-a-Week Unit Study makes learning about the middle ages fun!

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Art
  • 4 weeks
  • $15.95

Native America cover

Native America – Who says learning can’t be FUN? Discover many of America’s Native American nations and their very, different lifestyles with this fascinating Once-a-Week Unit Study.

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Indian Lore
  • American Heritage Girls Badge: Native America (coming soon)
  • 6 weeks
  • $17.95

Early Settlers in America cover

Early Settlers in America – History should be exciting and that’s exactly what it is with this Once-a-Week Unit Study. Kids experience life in early America as they learn about the 13 original colonies.

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Reading
  • American Heritage Girls Badge: Book Adventurer (coming soon)
  • 6 weeks
  • $17.95

Revolutionary Ideas cover

Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution – Make history come alive for kids! This exciting Once-a-Week Unit Study helps them experience life during the time of the American Revolution.

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: American Heritage
  • American Heritage Girls Badge: Dawn of Our Country
  • 7 weeks
  • $19.95

We The People cover

We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution – Discover America’s Christian heritage with this thought provoking unit study. Walk beside the Founders as they explain in their own words their Christian beliefs and hopes for our nation.

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Citizenship in the Nation
  • American Heritage Girls Badge: Citizenship and Government and Our Flag
  • 8 weeks
  • $19.95

Lewis & Clark cover

Lewis & Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea – Your kids will feel like they are part of history as they blaze the trail along with the expedition.

  • Boy Scout Merit Badge: Nature
  • American Heritage Girls Badge: Nature & Wildlife
  • 7 weeks
  • $19.95

Once-A-Week Unit Studies are appropriate for grades 2-12, with the exception of one, We The People; it’s recommended for grades 4-12.

A sample schedule for using Once-A-Week Unit Studies, with one day earmarked as “unit study day”, helps to explain the method proposed by Homeschool Legacy, while still noting that it is merely a guideline, easily customized to fit each family.

All Once-A-Week Unit Studies from Homeschool Legacy include a wide selection of quality reading suggestions for focused individual reading and classic family read-alouds, theme-based family devotionals, educational family field trips, family movie night recommendations, plus “Stump Your Dad” trivia.

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A big thank you to Shawna Bradley of Tenacity Divine for writing this introductory post.

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  1. […] My children have enjoyed doing this study and have especially enjoyed the read aloud books that we’ve done thus far – they ask if they think I’ve skipped it – since it works into our regular schedule and what we’re currently studying I’m sure it feels like we have skipped something when instead it just fits fluidly in with what we are doing.  If you’d like to see what other homeschool parents thought about Homeschool Legacy’s unit studies check out the Schoolhouse Crew Review blog. […]

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