Blog Cruise–Homeschooling, Pregnancy, & Babies!

Homeschooling is one thing.  But, sometimes we are so busy, that folks don’t realize that we have other duties too, such as those of a spouse and parent.  Homeschooling while pregnant or with a newborn can be a challenge for any parent.  How does one juggle it all?  This week, our TOS Crew members are sharing their experience in the Blog Cruise.  I encourage you to visit each of their links below and kindly leave a comment or two.  We hope you enjoy this week’s Cruise!


Isabelle aka Canadianladybug @ Life at Oak Grove discusses Increasing your family.

Tristan @ Our Busy Homeschool writes Babies with a Side of Homeschooling

Laura O in AK @ Day by Day in Our World says Baby In Or Baby Out…Homeschooling Goes On.

Briana @ I Can’t Decide details How to Survive Homeschooling While Pregnant or With a New Baby.

McMama @ Ruby Slippers School shares How I homeschool with a new baby.

Lisa @ The Happy Homeschool Mom writes Homeschooling While Pregnant or With a Newborn.

Alexis @ Shepherding Kind Hearts discusses My perspective on homeschooling while pregnant.

Kimberly @ Homeschooling in Nova Scotia, Canada asks Homeschooling With a New Baby?!

Kristen @ A Day in the Life is Homeschooling with a Baby.

Mona Lisa @ Happily Homeschooling details Keeping Up When Baby’s in Tow.

Debra @ Footprints in the shares Schooling When Mama’s Not Up to It.


We hope you enjoy this week’s cruise.  Be sure to join us next week when Cremates discuss homeschooling an only child. 

This post was compiled and written by Jodi who blogs at The Homeschool Desk.

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    Wow! Great resources! I’m just getting into homeschooling and learning more about reading, writing, math, science, and social studies materials. I want to be prepared and do it right, so thanks for all the information.


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