At Home in Dogwood Mudhole (A Book Review)

“A tradition is something you do once and discover a joy so deep that you do it again, Christmas after Christmas, to keep on savoring it and make it last. ” – Franklin Sanders {At Home in Dogwood Mudhole}

dogwood mudhole

Many dream of escaping modern life and returning to a simpler time, when a person’s hard work put food on the table and a sense of satisfaction in the soul.

Franklin and Susan Sanders didn’t just dream, they reached for a new reality – moving to a farm in Dogwood Mudhol, bringing their children – and future grandchildren – along for the ride.

Despite their intentions to “acquire nothing that eats”, many pets and farm animals come to share their abode. As they gain dogs, chickens, horses, cows, pigs, ducks and sheep, they discover the challenges – and the joys – of small-farm livestock.

An epistolary tale, At Home In Dogwood Mudhole is a collection of personal letters spanning seventeen years, drawn from Franklin’s words to the readers of his newsletter, The Moneychanger.

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Members of the Schoolhouse Crew have been reading Volume 1, Nothing That Eats, 379 pages, available in paperback for $22.95, or ebook formats Kindle, ePub, or PDF for $16.95.

Sample chapters for both Volume 1, Nothing That Eats, and Volume 2, Best Thing We Ever Did, are viewable online. Best Thing We Ever Did is currently available in PDF format, with Kindle and ePub to follow in late November, and the paperback is expected to ship the first week of December.


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