You Know you’re a Homeschool Mom …

Homeschool moms are special! We often can identify others just by the things that they do, say, or even wear. You know you’re a homeschool mom…

  • … when your kindergartener doesn’t know the months in the year but asks if you could find examples of the Fibonacci Sequence on your nature hike.
  • …you wake up most mornings to the sound of your kids playing happily together, knowing you can just leave them for a little longer as no one has to rush anywhere so early in the morning.
  • …sending the kids outside is nature study, thus science.
  • …when you have to take your baby in for a doctor’s appointment, and you call it a field trip!
  • …your kids go somewhere where they have little cartons of milk, and they have NO IDEA how to open them
  • …sorting laundry counts as Pre-K math; racing to put said laundry away counts as PE.
  • …making your kids pull weeds counts as science, and if they count the weeds, it’s also math.
  • rain storm left puddles which means earthworms in abundance! Only a homeschool momma sends them out to jump in puddles and creates a science lesson!
  • …all your gifts for holidays and birthdays are educational.
  • …a broken wrist turns into science in the er with naming the bones of the arm and hand and the nerves too (since it hurts).
  • ….people tell you that they would rather have their child in public school so they can socialize. Suddenly you want to be a NinjaHomeschoolMom
  • …when your son comes running in the house with a huge dead bird and asks for the Bird Field Guide because he’s not sure if it’s a Blue Heron or not. Or, on the flip-side: “Mom, do we really have to turn everything into learning? Sometimes, I just want to enjoy it without learning.” Oh, ok.
  • …when people ask, everywhere you go, “Are they all yours?” and ” Is school on break, or something?” Yes! ….and no.
  • …you put on “real” pants and your kids ask, “Where are we going?”
  • …or you do your hair and makeup and they immediately ask where you are going. (Because, face it, most days are ponytails and age spots. Lol)
  • …you’re too tired to teach today that you pull out teach your monster to read -app and tv schooling for the day!
  • …you learn more than your kids do.
  • …you have the hots for the principal.
  • …you can’t remember what grades your kids are supposed to be in.
  • …you have pond water in a jar on your dining room table and the beans you were sprouting for science turned into a lesson about mold when you remember them three weeks later.
  • …your child “misses school” on days you are sick too.
  • …when you get a new curriculum magazine in the mail and you just have to tell someone about the strengths and weaknesses for each subject!
  • …when you put something in the cart at the grocery store and your child says, “Is that for us to eat or for a science experiment?”
  • …every day is jammies day
  • …you growl when someone uses the word “socialization“… Enough already!!! So tired of it.
  • …when cooking lunch counts as home economics, lawn mowing counts as PE, and filed trips include the grocery store, the doctors office, and family reunions
  • …when people inform you about the local public school in town just in case you didn’t know but actually your 4 year old can not only name every planet but can also tell you the layers of earth, why Mars Is the red planet and why Pluto is a dwarf planet.
  • …your 7 year old can ddentify all 50 states and knows some of the state birds, flowers and capitals. But they would totally be better off at public school.
  • …when the teacher kisses the principal right in front of her students!
  • …doing Mad Libs with the kids counts as grammar practice for the day!
  • …when you get dressed in something other than pajamas and everyone wants to know, “Where are we going?”
  • …when we’re in the grocery store, and the clerk asks my girls why they aren’t in school. They tell her that they are homeschool. The clerk says tell me something you know. My 12 yr. old starts rattling off the Gettysburg Address. My 8 yr. old starts singing the State song. Never saw a woman turn so many shades of red! Both got a standing ovation by the people behind us and in the other lanes. As we walked away, I just smiled at that clerk, and waved! This makes me mad! Do they quiz public school kids too?
You know you're a homeschool mom...
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A big thank you to Yvie Field at Homeschool On the Range for writing this article.

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  1. My 6.5yo and 4yo are loving Mad Libs and I see it as a gentle introduction to grammar.
    My kids also know the State song and we are working on a capitals song.


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