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Writing Tales is a 2 Level curriculum for teaching both composition and language arts in the classical style.  It is recommended for students in the upper elementary grades (approximately 3rd – 5th). 

Here is some basic information about Writing Tales:

Based on the first level of the ancient progymnasmata writing exercises used by the Greeks, Writing Tales teaches grammar level students how to write by studying and re-writing classic tales and fables. Extremely user-friendly, the Teacher’s Guides include day-to-day lesson plans for homeschoolers as well as lesson plans for co-operatives. The Student Workbooks take your child through in-depth studies of 15 different fables and fairy tales, and guide them through the process of re-writing each story in their own words. Because of the nature of the classical approach and the thorough study and analysis done of each story, plenty of practice is included in grammar, copywork, spelling, and vocabulary, making Writing Tales a fully comprehensive writing curriculum.

 The Writing tales Student Workbooks are meant to be used in in conjunction with the Teacher’s Guides.  In other words, both books are required in order to use this curriculum to it’s best potential. 

This is a very complete and well-rounded writing curriculum at an affordable price.  You can see pricing information and more on book sizes here.

Each level contains 30 lessons.  A story is studied over 2 lessons (or 2 weeks); so that, by the end of the year, your student will have read, studied, and rewritten 15 stories.  Grammar concepts are introduced based on the story; so everything ties in together very well. More information about the program and how to schedule it can be found here.

Crew Members will be receiving BOTH Levels 1 and 2 for review.  To see their thoughts, click on the links provided.

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Special thanks to our Crew Captain Heidi from Reviews & Reflections for writing this introductory article. 

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