Winter Nature Study {A Collection of Ideas for Your Homeschool}


Winter Nature study is not impossible it simply requires a little bit of foresight planning and a thermos of something warm to drink.  Taking children out to experience the variation of temperature, the winter birds who flit about here and there seeking some shelter and food, or simply visiting the park to sit a while and appreciate the tree architecture in all it’s perfect glory are all a wonderful part of creating memories of Nature Study during any time of the year.

Knowledge in one “subject” helps us to understand another. All the information your children are gathering in their nature study lessons, and the habits of observation they are acquiring, will form an excellent foundation for their future education. (CMC Page 259 Karen Andreola)

Things to observe in winter

  • Bird’s nests
  • Burrows
  • Rocks
  • Animal prints / tracks
  • Tree architecture
  • Landscapes
  • The differences between evergreen and deciduous trees
  • Snow and ice
  • If it’s too cold visit the local green grocer and study the fruits and vegetables available there.

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Children are born naturalists, with a bent inherited, perhaps, from an unknown ancestor; but every child has a natural interest in the living things about him which it is the business of his parents to encourage; for, but few children are equal to holding their own in the face of public opinion; and if they see that the things which interest them are indifferent or disgusting to you, their pleasure in them vanishes, and that chapter in the book of Nature is closed to them.

(Vol 1, II, Out-Of-Door Life For The Children, p.58)

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