Whistlefritz Offers Spanish for Kids (and French too)!

This article is in collaboration with Whistlefritz.

Learning a second modern language at an early age can improve critical thinking skills as well as improve brain functionality. The sooner you start, the better, and the easiest way to learn is through day-to-day immersion. Since most people cannot jet set off to a Spanish or French speaking country with their preschool through early elementary-aged children for that immersion experience, Whistlefritz designed their Educator’s Spanish Collection and the Educator’s French Collection for use with children aged 1-7 years old or preschool through second grade. The Spanish for Kids and French for Kids curriculum can be used in a home or classroom setting.

Learn Spanish with Whistlefritz

A mom wanting to teach her children to speak Spanish created Whistlefritz. Research shows that Spanish or French’s greatest language growth happens in early childhood. So, the founder of the Whistlefritz program set out on a mission to create a curriculum that made learning a new language fun and educational for her children. Using videos with live speakers, music, and creative storylines, Whistlefritz teaches Spanish or French the same way children learn their native tongue – by using everyday words in context. In addition, the creator of Whistlefritz program was able to make a multi-sensory immersion learning process playful and engaging for all learners by adding live speakers doing skits, games, music, and dance. 

Whistlefritz sent members of the Crew their choice of either the Educator’s Spanish Collection or the Educator’s French Collection.

A photo of all you receive when you buy the Spanish collection

What Is Inside the Collections:

The Educator’s Spanish Collection includes:

  • Lesson Plans Book
  • 5 DVD Videos
  • 3 Music CD’s
  • Matching Cards Game
  • Translation Guides and extra Lesson Plans are available to download from the website

The Educator’s French Collection includes:

  • Lesson Plans Book
  • 4 DVD Videos
  • 2 Music CD’s
  • Matching Cards Game
  • Translation Guides are available to download from the website
Learn French with Whistlefritz

What is Whistlefritz?

Each program includes lessons with Fritzi, an adorable little mouse, who guides your child through the forty lessons of the program. Both the French and Spanish programs include:

  • 40 detailed lesson plans for Kids include scripted lessons developed by educators to provide engaging fun as the children learn the new language. Through games and fun activities, your child will be able to incorporate their new language skills into daily life. In addition, each program contains lesson plans that are easy for parents with little or no language knowledge to instruct their children and learn alongside them.
  • Videos feature a colorful cast of native speakers and characters with fun melodies for each language that make learning fun.
  • Music CDs have a great mix of musical selections sure to get children moving to the beat with catchy tunes. Translation guides and a lyric sheet for the music are available on the website for each CD.
  • Memory Matching Cards: includes the classic game of memory with approximately fifty illustrated Spanish or French verbs to know.
Whistlefritz Offcer Spanish for Kids (and French too!)

Read what the Crew thought about this Spanish and French for kids’ curriculum from Whistlefritz.

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